Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales, the soldier accused of killing at least 16 civilians was facing foreclosure

The Bales owed $15,644.19 on the house plus $1,333.46 in trustee’s fees, according to the auction notice. The auction subsequently was canceled without explanation. A Bank of America filing in King County, in August 2011 said the couple was $16,978 in arrears on the rental property.

The house sits vacant and banned for occupancy by the city.


Mortgage Burden for Bales Familiar Story for U.S. Troops

The housing finance setbacks that confronted Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales, the soldier accused of killing at least 16 civilians in Afghanistan, are one part of his story that many U.S. troops would recognize.

Bales and his wife owned a home in Washington state she was trying to sell for less than its mortgage and another that sits empty with a “Do Not Occupy” sign from the city on the door. At one point, the couple owed more than $500,000 on the homes.

For soldiers who have been deployed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, such financial pain may compound battlefield trauma, said Matthew Weidner, a Florida lawyer whose clients include service members facing foreclosure on their homes.

“There’s also a failure of the military leadership and command structure to realize the damage financial stress can cause and add to the combat stress,” Weidner, a partner in Weidner, Bowden & Weidner P.A. in St. Petersburg, Florida, said yesterday in an interview.

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  1. Ray says:

    “He robbed me of my life savings,” Gary Liebschner of Carroll, Ohio told ABC News.
    Financial regulators found that Bales “engaged in fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, churning, unauthorized trading and unsuitable investments,” according to a report on Bales filed in 2003. Bales and his associates were ordered to pay Liebschner $1,274,000 in compensatory and punitive damages but have yet to do so, according to Liebschner. The Ohio retiree recalled Bales as a “smooth talker.” Asked if he regarded Bales as a con man, Liebschner said, “You’ve hit the nail on the head.”
    At the time, Bales worked for an Ohio brokerage firm, MPI.
    Maybe Guilt had a little to do with his losing it!

  2. Ali says:

    I just can’t imagine the deployed serviemembers going through what we have been going through for the last four years, tring to just stay alive and then to have to worry if your family has a roof over their heads. The stress of all of this fraud puts everyone on the brink…….add a trumatic brain injury to multiple deployments= death and destruction to all involved. Where the hell is the DOJ and all the people WE pay to protect us from this massive, destructive fraud. The OCC is a joke, I put in a complaint to them two years ago, they sided w/ BOA, I appealed, they again sided w/ BOA, now they want me to send in a complaint again to determine how financialy we were harmed. Yeah right, I’m gonna do just that !! Mr. Morris Morgan used to work at BOA. What a sad sad joke played on our men and women deployed and on our Vets who have served their country honorably. I have become so physically ill from all this, and am on much medication, not to mention the stress that has strained our marriage. I’d like to see Mr. Morgan (OCC) put a price tag on all of the above, shouldn’t someone be going to jail! I decided to investegate on my own and the more I look , the more I find (fraud that is) mortgage brokers, insurance companies, recorders offices, courts, media outlets, and it go’s on and on with no end in sight.

  3. Ron Moss says:

    As a veteran myself I sorta have an insight of live in the military. The bank, if they have control of their business should put on hold any foreclosure action for members fighting for them especially when they are defended to steal private citizen’s property.

  4. Mira says:

    I live in the area where Sgt. Bales is stationed in JBLM. For the past 2 years I have been helping soldiers, veterans and translators modify their loans with various banks (I am not a loan officer or an attorney, just a regular person going through this myself). The worst I have dealt with is Wells Fargo. In January 2011 they foreclosed on a veteran who was halfway through modification and was going through surgeries and therapy for an injury he had received in Iraq (IED explosion). In October of 2011 Wells Fargo foreclosed on a property owned by a translator who was in Iraq at that time and was not aware of the situation. Now I’m dealing with Wachovia/Wells Fargo for a veteran who was denied modification because now he makes too much money (41%) but hasn’t paid since 2010 for a pick-a-pay loan and can’t afford to bring the account current. These soldiers are in allot of stress most don’t want to be labeled “PTSD” same goes with their families. They deal with the banks, the onlookers, the sleepless nights on top of all and the most difficult, the injured soldier that civilians can’t relate to! It’s been extremely difficult around here and there are many characters who are taking advantage of these families.

    • lvent says:

      Please Mira, watch the movie INSIDE JOB…! The problem here in America is the American people do not even realize that it is NOT the banks or their so called investors who are owed this money…!!! Loan Mods and Refis are more FRAUD… so that when they cause America to fail in this manufactured bankruptcy they are creating…. you will have signed a new contract and note and you will lose your home lickety split with no legal recourse…! The TRUTH IS that it is WE THE PEOPLE who are owed this money by the BANKS… and we are the only real party in interest…!!! That is why this is called FORECLOSURE FRAUD..!!!! The banks got paid from the U.S. TAXPAYERS AT THE ORIGINATION…and Wall Street and their investors all got massively wealthy off of this mortgage fraud…and they all insured their risk and got bailed out by the U.S. TAXPAYERSand they all paid by AIG when the banks could no longer pay their bills……….!!! The TRUTH IS…that the banks owe the American People GAGILLIONS..$$$$ and it is the banks who are very deceptively pocketing more ill gotten gains for themselves and their elite owners and bankrupting America and stealing America and getting richer and richer off of more fraud..!!! If you really want to do America a favor and stop this ongoing robbery of our wealth, jobs, homes and businesses that will soon lead to our bankruptcy and the loss of our National Sovereignty…..then, LETS INDIVISIBLY AS ONE NATION …STOP PARTICIPATING IN THIS ELITE FRAUD PONZI SCHEME…!

  5. Igor says:

    The ‘proximate’ cause of the sad breakdown of this fine soldier could be that he was being defrauded out of his legal rights visa vi his home in USA. Might this be a case of mass murder by fraudulent VA mortgage crime? Talk about eggshell theory. I think we have 10,000’s of eggshell’s in the USA and in the war theaters. Those responsible for each state of the mortgage fraud must be exposed and prosecuted. Like any other crime that results in death by firearm, accidentally or incidentally. IMHO

    • Igor says:

      Those responsible for each state (stage) of the mortgage fraud process, must be exposed and prosecuted. Like any other crime that results in death by firearm, accidentally or incidentally. IMHO

  6. Barbra Orr says:

    The bank was BOA- I knew that before I read the story. I have heard that BOA within 60 months will no longer be in the mortgage business.
    What I would like to know what happen the the soldiers and sailers act. If you are deployed they are not suppose to do anything . That is one of the things that that the settlement was about, but again BOA does not have to follow the rules. I live in Oklahoma and I try to go thru BOA drive thru and tell them how much they are disliked. I know that is sick but cannot help myself

  7. gregory says:

    What ever bank owned the notes on the houses he had there should be people put in jail period….. I thought it was against the law to Fraudclose on a serviceman in combat….

  8. Fed up says:

    I know people need to be responsible for their actions but… the banks and our treasonous elected officials own this one! They too have the blood of sixteen dead people on their hands. This poor American soldier was pushed over the edge he snapped.

  9. Joe Gaffney says:

    More “deadbeats.” I see what they’re talking about now.

    Fighting for our country turns non-deadbeats into deadbeats, I guess.

    An example of Pam Bondi logic?

  10. David Robert says:

    If people really understand why the US is in Afghanistan and not what the media tells the American people this makes this issue even more tragic.

    • Lawrence Stantson says:

      Well said Robert, I think many don’t draw any connection to our wars. The amount we’ve wasted in young lives, civilian lives and wealth is appalling. We can’t even adequately house people in this country, and the numbers are growing daily .

  11. To Tell The Truth says:

    Wow! This is soooooooo sad and this is what happens when someone like this young husband gets overwhelm with all the weight of a war they dont believe in to begin with and turn into killers they never dream they would be and then no gratitude or protection on the home front for their families so they can take up their responsibilities on in the war zone…the person who compares this young man’s job to that of a home based worker has to get his head examine…more on this later…

  12. lvent says:

    Today the MSM is downplaying this..they are saying that proof has been uncovered that points to others being involved in this killing..This story is a tragedy and proves it is way past time for all of our soldiers to come home where they are really needed.

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