Florida Trend Magazine Announces Newsmakers of the Year – Lisa Epstein, Foreclosure Fighters

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Florida Newsmakers of the Year

Business – Florida Newsmakers of the Year

by Mike Vogel

December 2010


Forcing the Issue

For many, the bottom line in any mortgage dispute is whether the payments are being made. But Lisa Epstein, a West Palm Beach nurse turned foreclosure activist, focuses on fraudulent practices, backdated documents and robo-signers. Epstein and fellow Florida foreclosure-fighters — blogger Michael Redman in West Palm Beach, attorneys Lynn Szymoniak in Palm Beach Gardens, Matthew Weidner in St. Petersburg and Thomas Ice in Royal Palm Beach — lit the firestorm that pressured major mortgage holders to a brief, self-imposed moratorium on foreclosures until they say they sorted out their paperwork. Attorneys general launched investigations as did the federal government. Epstein, who says she was instructed by her mortgage servicer to stop paying her mortgage in 2008 so she could qualify for hardship assistance, wants a national moratorium, criminal investigations, lots of indictments, breaking up the big banks and more regulation and reform. Some argue slowing foreclosures only slows recovery. To Epstein, that’s saying, “keep the criminals in charge and we’ll have a recovery.”


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  1. Jason Werner says:


  2. lvent says:

    Lisa should be the Time person of the year because she is not only a heroine, an inspiration and an American Patriot but, she is doing what every American should be doing in this country. Lisa is standing up to the establishment and making a difference.

  3. incognito123 says:

    AWESOME, congrats, we are going in the right direction, but we still have a lot more work to do to put these criminals in jail!!

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