The Battle of Athens: Restoring the Rule of Law (VIDEO)

The Battle of Athens was an armed rebellion led by WWII veterans and citizens in Athens and Etowah, Tennessee, United States, against the tyrannical local government in August 1946.


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  1. JJ says:

    Amazing !! Thanks for posting this video and making us aware of what has happened in the past .. especially important right now with major elections coming soon .. the ballot box is being stolen from us in more insidious ways these days .. the bad guys have learned from the past and so should we .. we must be vigilant and use the tools available to us to stop them before it is too late.

    God Bless America

  2. Ron Moss says:

    Are we the people of The Muslim faith or the the people of the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

  3. 1ofthemany says:

    Yes this is the order of the day and decade and many decades before, we are a civilized county of patriots and we do try peacefully to stop any blood shed at all times but there comes a time to stand for what is right, and this is the TIME to preserve or regain our rights of “we the patriots of America!!! There will be losses and there will be gains, but we need to stand together as always as it is our lives and our freedom in the cross-hairs of destructive power hungry officials, they will not succeed, we are too strong as they have made us to be we shall prevail!!! It will be “give me liberty or give me death”

  4. lvent says:

    It is up to all of us to defend our Constitutional rights and uphold the rule of law ..The Government is completely corrupt and they are not going to protect us. That is why the Government is sneaking in more and more draconian measures in order to protect themselves and their owners.

  5. Pamela Edwards says:

    Wake up people this is what it iscoming to and very soon.We could all have this happen anytime.Be prepared.

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