Stand with Monique and Call for a Stop to Her Eviction

What would you do if someone tried to steal your home? Would you let them have it? Or would you fight back against the bank? 
Monique White of Minneapolis, Minnesota doesn’t have to wonder how she would respond. When US Bank and Freddie Mac started to foreclose on her home, she fought back.

When Monique had bought her house in 2003, she became the first person in her family to own a home. She lost her job in 2010 and only had part time work. She tried to negotiate a modification, but US Bank refused to work with her and foreclosed.

Stand with Monique and call for a stop to her eviction:

Monique bought her home for $127,000 in 2003 and has put an additional $30,000 into repairs and improvements. US Bank repurchased it at a sheriff’s sale in January 2011 for $71,000. Working together as the Lender and the Servicer of the loan, US Bank and Freddie Mac have refused to offer Monique a good faith negotiation.

Instead they have tried to steal her home through foreclosure.

By fighting back, Monique has bought time. She now has two jobs and can afford to pay the mortgage. Occupy Our Homes, Occupy Minneapolis, local community groups, and her neighbors have stood alongside her. Even elected officials like Congressmen Keith Ellison and Bobby Joe Champion and Minnesota’s Attorney General Lori Swanson have weighed in to try to stop Monique’s eviction and make sure she isn’t the victim of a fraudulent foreclosure.

Take action and join the fight for Monique White and her family to keep their home:

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6 Responses to “Stand with Monique and Call for a Stop to Her Eviction”
  1. Vincent Wilson says:

    First off everybody needs to file an Acknowledgement of Acceptance of Warranty Deed as per the Deed with the County Clerk and Recorder of Deeds. The Bank is nowhere on the Warranty Deed. Only the seller and buyer. This is a legal process. You file it with a Certified copy of the Warranty Deed.. The never tell you that you must accept the Warranty Deed as you would do in any sales transaction. You are now the legal owner of the land and its improvements. Then just file a Quit title and it forces the bank to court where they don’t want to go. That old of a loan has been sold who knows how many times it has been sold. When the bank can’t show the original wet ink copy of the mortgage the judge has no choice but to award ownership to the REAL FLESH AND BLOOD PERSON. The bank can’t own property, that’s why it is always held in TRUST by a Trustee

  2. 1ofthemany says:

    signed sealed and delivered with a few comments asking why do they continue to do so much illegal activities on human beings. Jeezeee the sheer idiocy of it is just as sated before almost too much to bear but guess you gotta keep slapping the brain of these people/corporations/devils and maybe one day just maybe one day they will ALL disappear.

    • lvent says:

      Hopefully, someone will find the delete button that will delete all of them, their ideology and all of their fraudulently induced fake debt slavery.

  3. I just don;t understand why all of this is still going on! why no one believes us, why the representatives of the federal government, state or whoever is more concerned about just getting rid of the homes and renting back or whatever works for them! fighting back? what will they offer her? most likely nothing, and it is far too costly for her to do anything about it, I have been fighting this situation since prior to 2008??? and still there are no answers or reasonable replys until you are on the edge already sliding down the cliff; most homeowners do not come forward because by the time they get there its too far gone and they are totally spent from frustration from being continuosly lied too! Helping her win her home back?? who are you kidding!! where is the justice!!! she most likely quit making her payments, and now what?? she is a credible candidate to keep her home?? I have now lost $400,000 some have lost more, thats just the cash down the toliet not the equity! The American Dream is dead if you have lost a job, had a medical event, doesn;’t matter you are now a squatter, the only ones they care to help are the investors buying your property for next to nothing!

  4. Bob Bateman says:

    Ummmm… What happened to fighting foreclosures that were ACTUALLY ILLEGAL, due to bank fraud?? I may have missed something here, but this one sounds like just a regular LEGAL foreclosure. Where’s the bank fraud in this one?? Where’s the robo-signers, fake documents, etc?? I think you guys do a GREAT job on this website, of bringing the truth to the masses, BUT you may want to be a little more selecive on what you post . IF there is actual fraud (by the bank) involved in this foreclosure, then I apologize. Otherwise, you need to realize that the banks ARE going to do SOME things legally, and leave those things alone. Going after them for LEGAL foreclosures will only dilute your message, and make you look like radicals. The wise general picks his battles with care…

    • see says:

      You are so wrong here. The homeowner should fight the foreclosure whether it is illegal or not. She lost her job and asked for help. She now has the means, as this article said, to make the payments. So why kick her out? Why not work with her? You have definitely missed something here. There are people who should be foreclosed on because they have no income at all because of whatever reason. It stands to reason in that case the homeowner has absolutely no means to make the payments that they should be foreclosed on legally. But Ms. White has the income now. The banks go to the media and say they want to work with the homeowner but in real life they want the deed to the property. In my personal case, we lost our business because of the economy, therefore, we lost our only source of income. So on the side of reason, yes, we should have been foreclosed on. However, the fraud in the paperwork that we have found is sickening and down right illegal. Ms. White picked her battle and those of us who know the pain of foreclosure are choosing to pick this battle to help her out. The banks don’t need another house when something can be worked out.

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