OCC Mortgage Metrics Report for the Fourth Quarter of 2011

OCC Mortgage Metrics Report
Disclosure of National Bank and Federal Savings Association Mortgage Loan Data
Fourth Quarter 2011

Executive Summary

This OCC Mortgage Metrics Report for the fourth quarter of 2011 provides performance data on first-lien residential mortgages serviced by selected national and federal savings banks. The mortgages in this portfolio comprise 60 percent of all mortgages outstanding in the United States—31.4 million loans totaling $5.4 trillion in principal balances. This report provides information on their performance through December 31, 2011.

The overall quality of the portfolio of serviced mortgages remained almost unchanged from the previous quarter, with the percentage of current and performing loans decreasing by
0.1 percentage point from the previous quarter to 87.9 percent of the overall portfolio at the end of the fourth quarter. However, the quality of the total serviced portfolio has improved slightly over the past year with the percentage of current and performing loans increased by 0.4 percent from the same period a year earlier (see table 7). Seriously delinquent mortgages, loans past due 60 days or more and bankruptcies 30 or more days past due, increased slightly during the fourth quarter, but were also down from the same period one year ago. The inventory of mortgages that were in the process of foreclosure at the end of the fourth quarter of 2011 decreased by
4.1 percent from the previous quarter and 3.1 percent from a year earlier.

The number of newly initiated foreclosures decreased by 16.0 percent from the previous quarter and 17.9 percent a year earlier. The decrease in new foreclosures reflects the continued emphasis on home retention actions, a decrease in the number of seriously delinquent loans over the past few quarters, and the effects of foreclosure settlements. The number of completed foreclosures increased by 2.5 percent from the previous quarter and 22.1 percent a year earlier. Servicers continued to emphasize alternatives to foreclosure during the fourth quarter, initiating more than two-and-a-half times as many new home retention actions—loan modifications, trial-period plans, and payment plans—as completed foreclosures, short sales, and deed-in-lieu-offoreclosure transactions.

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OCC Mortgage Metrics Report for the Fourth Quarter of 2011

3 Responses to “OCC Mortgage Metrics Report for the Fourth Quarter of 2011”
  1. Bobbi Swann says:

    So who does the report on homelessness, unemployment which are the after effects of all this economic fraud???? You don’t see any of these agencies detailing how many families are living in their cars, or in parking lots or in tents, how many children going to school have not eaten an evening meal or a breakfast or even slept on a bed, how many people are just plain living out on the streets…….all they are doing is putting a lot of litle pegs into little pidgeon holes and most generally the public will gobble it up! Do they report how many people are now committing suicide or murder/suicide because they have no where else to go? How can we say that things are getting better when this population that I have just described is increasing more and more each day? Writing your senators and congressman? They don’t care. They don’t even live in the same world as the 99% You want change? Then vote and change all those incumbants!!!

    • Beth A> says:

      Well said!
      It is easier for our goobermint to ignore the realities….and to keep the sheeple from the truth.

  2. talktotennessee says:

    Look for increased short sale, foreclosure activity in the first quarter of 2012. After the first of year, many banks began foreclosing and forcing people to short sell, list their homes or deed in lieu of. The industry is moving now and will become more evident with time. Chase is very active in shorts. Still no principal reductions and no teeth politically or by AGs to force the issue. The money put into settlement will be sponged up by states and everything will proceed as before with the teeth having been pulled to prevent major litigation against the banks. Nothing much new in the pipeline of fraud and deception. Time for Spring, elections and marshmallows. You know, business as usual.
    One thing observed: Bad exposure and trouble make a splash in the mud, spatters a few banks/people who then just shower off and go right on with their deception, as if nothing ever happened!!! We have no voice in government that doesn’t have their hand in Wall Street’s deep pockets.

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