Trashed Out | Wells Fargo Cleaned Homeowner Out (VIDEO)

Foreclosure is a nightmare in itself and now a Parma woman says Wells Fargo closed up her house and cleaned her out illegally.


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  1. Coral Kerr says:

    Wells Fargo led me to believe they were sending “new paperwork, modifying my loan, a very small loan, on depreciated property worth less than $30,000 …..and Century 21 in porterville California, agent Lee Gifford went into my home and stole everything I own. Wells Fargo still accepts house payments and insists that no one was to even be on my property and NO foreclosure procedure has been completed. Century 21 in Porterville, California will not even return my telephone calls or respond to my letters pleading with them to let me know where my possessions are…thousands of dollars worth of professional, custom made, irreplaceable art equipment and original 4ft.X5ft. oil paintings that were to be published and reprinted under contract to a production company financing a multi-media project I am the creator and designer of…all stolen or destroyed by Century 21 who claims they are being given orders from the bank. Wells Fargo is still accepting house payments on a home in a depreciated, isolated, forest property in the mountains where there are more than twenty places that have sat for sale for years….yet Century 21 goes in and STEALS everything I own…for my career and my personal life. They have ended my life.

  2. Lynn says:

    I am going to keep fighting! I know that I will never get my house back. BUT I want the $$ that they are getting for the short sale. I just found out a year later that my note is missing also. They are now in default and I have gotten a new hearing on the house. You are right when you say people don’t know what is going on out there. When I tell people that a Bank hired someone to break into my home ( I was landscaping and everything) they don’t believe it. BTW they didn’t do this until I filed my suit. They are criminals!! Always remember that we are not bad or dirty. because we are losing our homes!!! We have rights too. Call the police if they break in, Call the lender and demand the keys!!!. If you can’t afford a lawyer then see if you can get someone from HUD or you att. Generals office to help. Make as much trouble as you can for them!!

  3. To tell the Truth says:

    I believe that companies are being set up by criminals and opportunists (perhaps one or two genuine creating job for tehmselves) to take opportunity of the fraudclosure crisis to get into people’s home and steal from them. All these cases we hear about should spot light on the advantage these companies that ‘work’ for the bank or have them as their clients to go and take pictures and see if the houses are vacant are doing just that…what if someone is on vacation? WOW! As I said….the rest of the truth is yet to come about all this fraud….

  4. To tell the Truth says:

    There are individuals fighting back and duing banks. Last week a family just won a case against the fraud committed with her note and mortgage and went to collect $200 M (not sure if it was class action for that huge amount but another one collected $200+ K…) They wanted to know what happened to their note from the time it was signed and so called securitized and how much profit was generated and insurances paid out etc….)

  5. readdocs says:

    When are people going to learn and prepare? If she was in foreclosure she should have been
    ready for such actions. When homeowners finally realize they need to start defending their homes,
    these break ins will stop.

    • Lynn says:

      This isn’t true. I was broken into 3 times. They trashed my house, turned off my heat and water. I was paying all the bills. My stuff was in the house. They waited until after the worst winter we had to do this. I took Wells Fargo to criminal court. They got away with it because their agent Corelogic was the one who did the real break in. I have had a hearing that Wells Fargo tried to get the civil part of this dismissed. Well guess what? They lost and now I am going to have a trial and a jury against both Wells and Core logic. Even if you are in foreclose, and haven’t been served by the sheriff you are still full titile. If you are full title and are taking care of the home, they have no right to break into your house. Don’t believe them when they say they have the right, they don’t!!! It is tresspass

      • j Alonzo says:

        Agreed, but folks must defend their foreclosures from the minute they get served. So many people dont & they get raped and pillaged like sheeple by the banksters. Good luck & keep fighting.

      • To tell the Truth says:

        Lynn, stand firm….there are many others like you that take care of their homes etc and have these abominable acts against them…ignore anyone that criticises you as what they say to you will return upon them and their household. Am still amazed of how many out there in these United States that don’t know what is happenning all around them but one day…the noose is closing in …be careful those that judge not knowing the facts…self righteousness backfires…

  6. lvent says:

    The Dallas branch of the FED is calling for the break up of the FEDS own TBTF insititutions…Here is the link to the article from todays Huff Post entitled: BREAK UP THE BIG BANKS, SAYS THE DALLAS FED

  7. that isn;’t the first and won;t be the last, so why is everyone surprised, and it is all banks and somehow they convince everyone they are legal, and since it is a civil matter unless she has money too burn, which she doesn;t, they win, she loses!!!

    • Lynn says:

      You don’t need money to burn, just a lawyer who believes in what your doing. When they do this I stress again the need to press ciminal charges for the record. They don;t like it. When you press the charges name the CEO John Stumpf as the one who caused the break in. It will force him to have to do a depo. I did and he freaked. Remember, they can’t just do what they want!!! Wake up fight for your rights!!!!

      • j Alonzo says:

        A family member is about to get served. The summons is already on the docket and out for delivery in florida. I told her to call a attorney or better yet my attorney right away as soon as she gets the papers. She told me she did not have the money, that she was waiting for a final approval for her modification. I told her they were not going to approve anything because if they did they would have to take new payments under the modification and that would cancel out the foreclosure because the letter of acceleration would be void and so would the whole foreclosure, which is why banks wont take a payment from you after you are served. I told her to get ready to get Fucked by the banks and she would be defaulted in the courts while she waits for a response. Thank god she is going to call him and hire him as soon as she gets served. The banksters hate it when you lawyer up.

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