Chris Whalen (Bank Shill) on Lien State vs Title State (VIDEO)


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  1. Carlos Dehesa says:

    There is no trick: What this guy is saying is that unless we give up our individual constitucional rights we’ll have more investment; the equation is simple: let’s deliver all of our rights for the economy to recover.

  2. DolleyMadison says:

    Yeah the investors just love those stupid rednecks – easy pickins aren’t they?. Well the tide is changing you fat Yankee piece of excrement. Just try knocking down someone’s door in the South….more than the judgement will be voided, I guarantee it.

  3. John says:

    I had to play the video a couple of times to determine what it was that he was saying…Creditor’s has rights, secured lenders and be nice to Investors. I’m sorry, did anyone see anything about debtors and their rights. The government has not demanded any accounting for all of our money that was given to them. WHERE THE HELL IS IT?

    Non-judicial foreclosures were meant to be an administrative process when a debtor and a creditor agreed to the foreclosure. If there is a disagreement then someone has to file a lawsuit. The law is rigged to that of the Creditor in the non-judicial states.

    Thanks for the history lesson which reminds us that no one owns their land, we are all mere tenants to the many States.

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  4. Randy Frodsham says:

    Well this guy isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. So Harris wants Feinstein’s US Senate seat. What’s that got to do with California law. If Harris wants to change California’s law, she’d have a shot in either the Assembly or State Senate, but could only be a lobbyist for change from a US Senate seat.

  5. Charles Fetters says:

    Maybe if AG Karmala Harris unseats Senator Dianne Feinstein she will tell how Feinsteinblum took $25 billion of the TARP money to buy foreclosed properties. This would be a smart move if she showed how Feinstein managed to ripped off the tax payers, as she has many times over.
    I’m for getting rid of Feinstein. Also if she gets rid of MERS and changes the title of property process before she campaigns for Senate seat.

  6. Bobbi Swann says:

    Maybe we should send him a message. His email address is:
    He sure did a turn-around from his show with Dylan Ratigan back in Jan 2011. A “true bank schill” as I would bet his pockets have now been lined with the swindled funds from the US citizens!

  7. Mark Bowen says:

    He’s totally confused Title theory and Lien theory. If you watch the video, when this brain-dead says Title theory, he’s really describing Lien Theory, and vice versa. What a D*pSh*t.

  8. Ken Hansen says:

    These bloated think tankers discuss foreclosure abuses and foreclosure itself as if it is a benign process that needs to take place. Needless to say, the harm on health, families and the entire country is immeasurable.
    Not many people,. not the press, not talking heads for think tanks like this guy, will ever consider the fact that Banks intentionally preyed on people, and by doing so, there are few valid contracts to begin with.

  9. Faith says:

    Where is the Chris Whalen that spoke of all the fraud happening at Bear Stearns?


  10. Ali says:

    So now we’re sopposed to feel sorry for the banks? Really ? Come on, there is not one person whose life has not been damaged in one way or another by these abuses by the banks and mortgage brokers who aren’t even afraid of defrauding the VA. The very men and women who have put the uniform on for all of us only to come home and fight another war, a war on fraudclosures. They have no shame what-so-ever and should be led away in schackles in front of camara’s so the rest can see, I’ll bet they think twice before they do their property flipping schemes and and shotgunning schemes, and much more! The people of the United States of America will not take much more and all hell will break loose. Now the second wave is occuring and still no one speaking out. People are buying foreclosure’s and moving in and out in the same week, why? Because they’re finding out that there is no clear title’s to be found, no clear title, no insurance, get it. That’s why Moody’s is downgrading the banks ratings, they’ve been put on notice. The only way to fix the problem is to first admit that there is a problem. Why is that so hard for them to understand? No housing recovery, no economic recovery. They just won’t admit it and take their medicine.

  11. To Tell The Truth says:

    We should all be super titled states!!!! The homeowner needs to be protected while trying to negotiate a win/win alternative for all parties…it would have been so wise for the banks to offer modifications from the onset which could allowed those homeowners that really want to stay in their homes to perhaps extend the payment time and reduced the payments accordingly until they can return to the higher payments when their situation stabilized. It is best for the lenders/borrowers/investors/communities and to maintain an acceptable standard of life during the process…less homelessness, less abandonment, less taxpayers taxes to used for bailouts and food stamps etc…and best over all for the economy…a piece of the pie is always better than none at all…the banks already charged so much interest that by the time you do pay off your home you have paid more than 2x the value….

    SO if they had charged the rates they are now asking for am sure that we would not be in this mess!!! ANd why not offer those rates to begin with to the homeowner that was in danger of foreclosure…they would have found a way to pay it…wake up and smell the roses…if the banksters were not greedy or some dishonest employees did not want to cover some of their own complicity in defrauding the borrower…well…BE SURE your sins will find you out!!!!!

    • Mark Bowen says:

      No, we should all be Super Lien States. Title theory gives rights to the purported lender via Deed of Trust (non-judicial). Lien Theory gives that purported lender only lien rights that must be adjudicated to foreclose (judicial). This guy is very confused.

  12. “WARNING!! WARNING!! WARNING!! (lost in space pic) Don’t expect a settlement from BofA. The bank has again lied to the consumer and authorities while gaining the court’s blessing, leaving the poor homeowner empty handed again. The homeowner was not afforded their right to due process as spelled out in the Constitution of the United States of America. The banks have once again used and abused the very constitutional rights given BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE.

  13. 1ofthemany says:

    I must say very very interesting as the curtain is pulled back further, THANK YOU 4closure!!!!!! Need this to happen all over and now, it would save us a lot of angst and probably our country. Love the light you are spreading!

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