FIDELITY NATIONAL TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY v JPMORGAN CHASE BANK | Homeowner gets FREE house and sells it. Bankster and Title Company Fight it out



Indenture Trustee on Behalf of the NOicholders
and Note Insurer of ABFS MORTGAGE LOAN


4. FNTIC is informed and believes and thereupon alleges that Linda Playford
and Roscoe Playford (“Playford”) acquired title to the Property in July 2001. The
Playford’s financed the acquisition of Ihe Property with a mortgage Ihat was assigned to
JPMorgan on July 9, 200 J (the “Mortgage”).

5. On August 31, 2006 JPMorgan filed a lawsuit in Delaware County, New
York seeking to judicially foreclose the Mortgage.

6. FNTIC is informed and believes and thereupon alleges that on April 9, 2007
a tax sale deed was recorded in favor of Delaware County in which Ihe Property was
conveyed to Delaware County as a result of Playford’s failure to pay taxes owed in 2005.

7. On April 17, 2007 JPMorgan obtained a judgment of foreclosure against Playford,
which was recorded with the office of the clerk of Delaware County on April 25, 2007.

8. FNTlC is informed and believes and thereupon alleges that on July 31, 2007
Delaware County conveyed the Property to Linda Playford .


And Playford’s got a FREE HO– USE….. almost anyway; had to pay their taxes

JP foreclosed after the tax sale. And SOLD the house
to a third party.

Playford’s then SOLD the house to another party. And sh*t hits the fan.

JP and Title Co are slugging it out in Florida and now NY Courts.

Check it out below…




6 Responses to “FIDELITY NATIONAL TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY v JPMORGAN CHASE BANK | Homeowner gets FREE house and sells it. Bankster and Title Company Fight it out”
  1. John says:

    This may be a smart tactic by the banks. They may not be as dumb as we think.

    If you were them, would you rather throw the rabbit in the brier patch and lose a house worth a few thousands and be done with it and the errors you made be forgotten and over, or go to court with the homeowner and lost 25 million like one bank did?

    The bank probably celebrated just as much as the homeowner did.

    The jury system does work if all the information is given the jurors.

    • LucyLulu says:

      I’m thinking this is a smart move by the homeowner. One wouldn’t even need to wait for the lender to start to foreclose. If you owe more on your house than your house is worth, or will bring at auction, stop paying your taxes and allow a tax lien to be filed, assuming that the current owner of your note has not recorded your mortgage. Buy the house when its sold at the tax auction, and you own your house for whatever you had to bid for it. You might want to check with a lawyer first before trying this, esp. as different states may have different laws, but its exactly what happened in this case. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened more often.

  2. StuckinSoPa says:

    Sounds like somebody at bankster central was asleep at the wheel. The only way to get a “free” house here in PA is for it to go to a Second Sheriff’s Sale where all liens, except taxes, are wiped out when the hammer falls. Usually the banks show up for these, because the speculators in the bidding audience will not hit anything that has money owed on it. I’ve been to a few sales up at the courthouse, so I know how it works.Even then, you have 3-6 mos to redeem the property by paying the back taxes. But then you go back to owing your lender. But if you are high bidder on YOUR OWN property(bid starts with taxes owed), then you are treated as a entirely new homeowner and conveyed a free and clear deed by the state! Go figure!

  3. Barbra Orr says:

    Fidelity National Title Insurance company v JP Morgan Chase- Homeowner gets Free House. It really looks like Chase who is no 2 in idiot banks is trying to give BOA a run for their ignorance. After reading this they just might make it. Stupid is as Stupid does. To get close to beating out BOA you will have to top the number of foreclosures on the wrong house. Can Chase top BOA on that?
    How many out there think BOA is the no 1 ignorant bank?
    How many think Chase is the no 1 ignorant bank?
    Do not give your reasons might use up all the memory.

    • Ali says:

      Thats a hard one for me. The morgage broker took out three loans on origination. One was with Chase. But mers gave it to Countrywide hence Bof A is now claiming it. So my vote goes to Bank of America. They are still number 1.. I think I heard it here that soon they would start canibilizing each other. That is what we are seeing now. We have smartened up and they, well are going to start eating each other. Too funny !!

    • rictic says:

      Thieving B@stards of America, no competition.

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