And So It Begins (A Call To Revolution)

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Our government is a pack of fools.

They, like the Greeks, had the opportunity to take banksters and arrest them for their crimes, giving them a fair and public trial and then imprisoning them.

Instead they fell into league with them, engaging in hinky derivative deals and other scams, effectively being their co-conspirators.

And now, one man has taken his own life and left behind a note — a call to revolution.

“The Tsolakoglou government has annihilated all traces for my survival, which was based on a very dignified pension that I alone paid for 35 years with no help from the state. And since my advanced age does not allow me a way of dynamically reacting (although if a fellow Greek were to grab a Kalashnikov, I would be right behind him), I see no other solution than this dignified end to my life, so I don’t find myself fishing through garbage cans for my sustenance. I believe that young people with no future, will one day take up arms and hang the traitors of this country at Syntagma square, just like the Italians did to Mussolini in 1945” the note said.

This reminds me of what John F. Kennedy (yes, President of the United States) once said:

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Peaceful revolution is not yet impossible in the United States. But continued pandering to the banksters, covering up and refusing to prosecute their frauds along with the incessant whines from people like Geithner who prattle on about how government can borrow forever without regard to the cost whittle away at that margin.

Exactly where the corner is — where the people of this nation, or those of Greece — decide that peaceful revolution and reformation of their government and enforcement of the rule of law through political means has become impossible is in and of itself impossible to determine with certainty.

But that the corner exists is also known with certainty. It is just blind to all who look for it, as it comes in fickle form not born of reason but of emotion, fear and destitution.

History says that those who believe that the incessant screwing of the American people, or of any people, will be tolerated forever are wrong. Old men like this one will choose to take their own lives rather than scrape on the ground like dogs seeking a tiny scrap of food. But eventually, one of those old men will have a young son, and he will judge the injustices that he sees to be intolerable and that there is no longer recourse before the law. He will see the death of his father as a reason to take other lives — the lives of those who he judges to be responsible. The spark of his father will fall on dry tinder and catch fire.

I pray, during this Holy Week, that our government and those across Europe recognize that we are long past the point where the entanglements with these banksters should have been unwound, the frauds prosecuted and the deficit spending stopped, for I do not wish to live in a nation where that spark has fallen onto a patch of dry grass, or worse, into a jar of gasoline.

Yes, unwinding these frauds, prosecuting them and halting the lies — in short, facing that our governments cannot be all things to all people and must live within what they can tax in the present tense, will be difficult.

But it will be less difficult than the alternative.

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6 Responses to “And So It Begins (A Call To Revolution)”
  1. Mystify says:

    I agree with Moss, vote Ron PaIl for President it is America’s only chance for liberty from this injustice he will take control of the fed and govt and restore the power of we the people. Without him America is in great danger

  2. Ron Moss says:

    Vote Ron Paul in as VP

  3. Ali says:

    I can only speak for myself but I think many will agree that cries for justice have been ignored for so long that that it is just a matter of time before “all hell breaks loose”. People will have to decide what side they are on. Are we a free people under the Constitution of the United States of America (or simply) not. As Mr. Mandelman put it “the process of loan modification under the goverments “Making Homes Affordable”, was so tortuous that most would choose waterboarding as an alternative”. I say that is a very real possibility. Little by little our rights are being bled from us under the promise of “hope and change that never occurred. So the more educated the people get, (including the ones who are afraid to stop paying their fraudulent mortages are being screwed) are getting very angry because they are finding out that this debaukle is being sanctioned by our goverment at every level. MERS Corp CEO R.K. Arnold wrote (1997) “MERS is premised on an assignment in the public land records, MERS cannot work without County Recorders’. Mr Arnold never mentions that the mortgage contract is null and void by securitization, thereby becoming “Negocible Securities” under the Uniform Commercial Code. Even a person living in a cave knows that million of people did not wake up one morning and in concert, decide to go into foreclosesure, they would probably rather eat glass. WAKE UP AMERICA, force our goverment to enforce the laws and the constitution of the United States of America or as Ms. Jarret put it “be ruled”. Unfortunately Obama has put many in the position of voting for the lessor of two evils because lets face that is one of the rights as Americans we have an obligation to do for us and our fellow citizens. Just maybe the lessor of the two evils will follow the consitution. We can only hope and pray. PS I didn’t mean to insult anyone living in a cave, I hope you have room for more!!!!!!

  4. Our story started out as an illegal foreclosure and ended up as a forgery case…where the bank actually forged both mine and my husbands signature to the mortgage note, notarized and recorded it. We also have started a website to find all the victims of mortgage fraud and/or forgery to form a class action suit against all the banks, for all the crimes that they have committed against homeowners in this country. When in reality, had we committed the same crime, would have ended up in jail and paying restitution until our dying day. Let’s all stand together and fight these criminals…if the shoe was on the other foot, you can guarantee they would think nothing of spending the “big bucks” on their attorneys to see that our butts would be prosecuted…I say, turn about fair play…let’s get this party started.


    • allisun says:

      Is there a single securitized home loan that could be paid off by a homeowner? Unless they won the lottery. If every single securitized home loan was set from the start to fail wouldn’t that be complete fraud from its inception of every single home loan in the US? I wonder. In that case it seems some sort of legal line has been crossed in a big way and I wonder what would apply to the whole fiasco.

  5. Katheryn says:

    How true and powerful as well as such a tragic ending to one’s life

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