The $25B fraudclosure settlement has been approved by U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer

Nick Timiraos@NickTimiraos of the WSJ via twitter

The $25B foreclosure settlement has been approved by U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer.


Nothing from the consent judgment entered into court in the $25B foreclosure settlement may constitute “evidence against Defendant.”

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  1. Bill says:

    What’s up with “Nothing from the consent Judgement can be used as evidence against the “Defendant” ?
    DEFENDANT; AS IN SINGULAR? Does this Administration think we’re a bunch of uneducated idiots. You call this a “Judicial” System?

  2. Bill says:

    Another Supreme Court Challenge ?

  3. To Tell The Truth says:

    No where does it say that they can continue to use these falsified robo signed docs…keep up the good fight. Don’t panic with this sort of news…there are those out there winning the fight but no mention made of this of course.

  4. AL says:

    ohh please …this must be a joke …

    25b???… they made about 2,800,000,000,000 (trill)… and that’s and approximation….


  5. Mad as Hell in Maryland says:

    ‘Talktotennessee’ hit the nail on the head. Accepting funds will release them from any liability. The settlement does not enjoin you to anything, nor release the ‘lenders’ etc, from anything with regard to your individual claim.

    Fight the good fight. Challenge everything. They don’t have it! All smoke and mirrors still.

    Good luck to all! Be well!

  6. It is our mission to stand against the banks and their crimes against the homeowner’s of this great country. Various government agencies are all suing the banks in the “name of the homeowners”, but we all know that not one homeowner will see one red cent. The banks can commit crimes, and then when called on the crime, they pay the big bucks to make sure that the victims walk away dazed and confused as they have been raked over the coals and bled dry by the outrageous onslaught of these financial institutions legal representation. Instead of owning up to the fact that they are the reason that our housing market hit the skids. When you hide hope inside broken-promises, what do you call that? Dangling “no-document” or 125% to value loans, knowing fully that the only way that the banks were going to make money is if you failed in your loan obligation, was wanton and malice. Ruining peoples lives when you are called on your crimes is outrageous. The courts are not going to make the decisions to punish the banks unless we show a united front. We need financial backing, we need a lawyer with a backbone and we need people whose lives have been damaged by proven illegalities by the bank. We are committed to collecting funds to afford upfront monies for legal representation in a class action suit against the bank. This is the site where we will accomplish this goal. We will keep members informed of day to day progress as well as compile important laws and interpretations to help this case and assist any future legal representation that we employ.
    I know that this is a based-on-faith request. I am a good citizen of this United States and I am appalled at what we have been put through as victims, and I know that I don’t stand alone in my aggravation and total disbelief that our legal system is so flawed as to not punish the criminals…even if it is the bank…

    Read more at my blog: and

  7. Bo Khatib says:

    Time to organize and take back ALL that was stolen: By All Means (BAM).

  8. talktotennessee says:

    Unless a law is passed removing our rights, (and it may come any day now) we signed nothing binding us to any agreement between the AGs and banks as party to settlement. Now if you accept payment (payola) you may be signing a release to accompany the payment, which releases your right to pursue a claim..
    I filed a lawsuit on mine. There are attorneys out there who can and will do this but those with the real knowledge of procedure are few and far between. That is why I keep trying to get some interest in a class action. Not that it would benefit you much unless you are a lead plaintiff but it thwarts banks and that is the goal to keep agitating them. Some judges are beholding to financial lobby because they are elected and taking campaign funds from their friends, firms, former and future, for everything. .

    If you have the stomach for it, read Jack Abramoff’s new book, Capitol Punishment (my next read) on Washington reform.. Saw him on Tavis Smiley and Jack is blowing the whistle on Washington corruption by lobbyists, a real eye opener. Believe me Jack knows ‘jack’ about where the bodies are buried. Washington is being paid to look the other way by Wall Street’s lobbyists. Bank fraud is worse than the S&L mess and yet no convictions. WHY? Our representatives will not bite the hand that feeds them! Big revelations on our Congress. Both parties on the take!.
    Back to going it with your own legal effort: Try bankruptcy attorneys and ask who is on the cutting edge of fighting illegal foreclosures. You might also check legal services. Sometimes their attorneys are willing to help. Hiring a lawyer isn’t free. You have to pay something but it is one option. Look for pro bono help, talk to everyone, lawyers ‘ to be,’ law professors in law schools, your social contacts, religious affiliations…
    Make some NOISE!

  9. Kathleen Burt says:

    Did they “promise” not to robosign again, or would that have hurt the bankers feelings? Sigh.

    • talktotennessee says:

      My impression is that little has changed. Think of it as a license to continue as before. Business as usual. Robo-signing and MERS as beneficiary trustees, all still there. The binding rules are already being broken, notification, etc.
      HOWEVER, they have changed their methods some. Banks and lenders have gotten smart. They are buying out tenants, homeowners to leave, short sell without foreclosing first, forcing compliance and paying for transfer expenses, all before they foreclose. They don’t modify, they force people to give up telling them they will lose anyway. I have seen some sad homeowners.
      Clever, right?
      You still lose your home, you just get to pass GO and collect a couple of bucks!

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