Shooting Suspect Presumed Dead after Fire Breaks Out at Modesto Home

Shooting Suspect Presumed Dead after Fire Breaks Out at Modesto Home

MODESTO, CA – A man suspected of shooting and killing a Stanislaus County sheriff’s deputy and a civilian is presumed dead after a fire broke out around 10:15 p.m. in a home where he barricaded himself.

Deputy Robert Paris and a civilian served an eviction notice at the four-plex on the 2100 block of Chrysler Drive around 11 a.m., Sheriff Adam Christianson said.

It’s unclear what lead up to the shooting, but afterwards the suspect barricaded himself inside the residence.

A neighbor a few doors down from the shooting said he heard three shots.

Whether the civilian accompanied the deputies, was in the home and/or was an innocent bystander wasn’t known.

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5 Responses to “Shooting Suspect Presumed Dead after Fire Breaks Out at Modesto Home”
  1. Bloodsoaked says:

    Fucking Stupid Cops He would have to come out eventually. They didn’t have to burn the place to the ground. How do they know if he was not unconscious from all the gas earlier and could not respond. so they just kept bombing the house till they blew it up? And this was a four plex. They didn’t have a robot with a Gun on it? Common!

  2. no one says:

    sucks to live next to a person in foreclosure or anyone who has problems with the police.

  3. Rusty G says:

    The loss of a family’s home is truly devastating. I finished removing a cabinet wall in our bathroom because it has the height measurements of our children from infants to young adults. The emotions are so overwhelming….

    • eif says:

      Hi Rusty

      Thanks for sharing that post, post, modest and thoughtful.

      The picture of you saving the memories-treasure is easily imagined by one reading it and – agreed – devastating to have to cope with.

      The good part is how deep your feelings for your family go.

      Have you heard any candidates addressing these issues? At all? Or especially in these terms?

      Best wishes.


  4. no one says:

    so they burnt the people`s home down, did he get out?

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