1. ms judy says:

    Hi Matt,
    I’m in urgent need of a HIGH POWER injury attorney licensed for NJ who’s decisive and accurate aim
    has no fear of firing weapons of mass destruction.. right back at THEM !!!!! Age and wisdom tells me that I’m
    not the only one who’s experienced, what seems to be, new insidious and dishonorable tactics in asserting their power over homeowners . I have my reserves disclosing information regarding my case.Where as,the enemy need no” heads up”what records there are (if any) need to be preserved. THEY play by no rules in THEIR THEATER ! ! I don’t know of any honorable attorneys like Matt here in NJ suitable for defense at all, they all DISGUST me !!
    AGAIN Thank You…. Matt for remaining honorable.Up here in Jersey everyone still has their heads up their asses and can’t see past their next favor…..I’ll stop here.before I……..How can’t they we are ALL…..collectively, the real parties in interest . Are they complete morons, or just that short sighted?….Either way, they have no business holding such potentially injurious positions if they are unable to remain professional ……PERIOD. Complete TYRANNY is what’s RIGHT UP IN OUR FACES. I believe the pension funds may have gotten tangled up with the mortgage backed securities, this would explain the insidious blood thirsty behavior of all the judges.Clearly a conflict of interest, if that’s the case. Also,I believe the sheriff department receives a % of every sale,however now , most of the sales are repurchased by the bank for $100…there goes their cut…. The old adage still remains …..FOLLOW THE MONEY………ooooops…NOT…. I will tell you this….a despicably wrongful and negligent act took place to preclude our eviction which directly resulted in my fathers wrongful death.DEATH that would have been avoided had the bank not had exclusive rights to “valuable consideration”. This is NOW M Y …. CA– USE FOR ACTION….. with a VENGEANCE

  2. Sal says:

    What about the multi pledging? Why is this being covered up? The general ‘disinterested’ public will WAKE UP when and if they are educated on multi pledging/loan origination fraud and what its impact has been on US.

  3. Matt, and everyone greetings!

    The system is bought and paid for who are you kidding? Come to figure out I should be a heiress if the gov wasn’t so corrupt! To think I never had a clue! I think I will have to write a book tracing my roots as I have. Not may get to find out their family built some of the 1st railroads in the country, and have a grandmothers name who is known worldwide. To be the great grand daughter of the real Katie Howard O’Hara is quite mind boggling. I’m not an attorney and none will represent me. But baby I only fear a bullet at this time or my kids lives. I will continue to find the gold and assets they’ve kept from me and my family and continue to help America understand who really is at the helm in taking down our country. In my quest to do such I’ve ran across names that one could only imagine being in direct contact with. Talk about interesting players in trying to figure out why they’ve tried to do this to us and my awakening by America’s biggest terrorists that no one will do anything about is mind boggling!

    Shame them I will with a Disqualification and two Separate Recusals!! I’m supplying an Affidavit of Good Faith to THE US SUPREME COURT! AWAKENING THEM I TAKE WHAT THEY’VE DONE AS A HIT ON AMERICA and my Life since my identity has been kept from me!! For at least 65 years! Anyone wanna help? I never thought about the Dead Talking but in my heart they are! Well that and a few pictures! And figuring out just who I am! Thank God I figured so much out!

    The best knowledge I ever got I probably got from my grandma. Katie’s granddaughter. I may never get the gov to tell me what my grand father did but she LOVED HIM SO! He was in early Hollywood and went missing. I figured out about the banking links thru I had no clue! But they did all along! So now I will go back to inform them!

  4. Equity Free says:

    The lenders defaulted .
    The majority of American’s are being led into working with these banks and institutions that created this global financial crises . Its the honesty, integrity and the will to do what is right, that the lenders are using to take more for themselves, while making the victim feel like they are the bad ones here .
    Tell anyone who will listen to stay in their homes and fight .
    D Trump filed bankruptcy 7 or 8 times to not pay creditors, and he is considered wise .
    Most of us in foreclosure have never defaulted on a thing .
    Time to default, I’m not paying for the lenders actions ….

  5. Ali says:

    testing… testing

  6. Sam says:

    I have filed 3 suits on my property in the non-judicial state of CA, but it is so corrupted here, the judges laugh at identifying the proper party at interest, or as in my case, 51 false statements filed in public record by Wells Fargo with 3 Robosigners. The only hope in CA is to file suit, but again the banks laugh-they have legions of attorneys to fight with an unlimited budget. Average cost is $200k plus to fight and go through appeal. How do you fight this as a common guy, non-attorney. A system so corrupted that everyone is bought and paid for by the banking system. I have done everything as a homeowner to fight. In the meantime, the economy continues to deteriorate, no jobs, limited income. Further investigation is the banks get 4-6 times the amount of the mortgage through insurance (credit default swaps ala AIG), get the property back to sell, get special REMIC treatment from the IRS ALL WITHOUT A SINGLE DIME OF THEIR MONEY AT RISK. The losses are taken by pension funds that put their money into the Mortgage Backed Securities that most banks never transferred the paperwork to. $18 Billion of the latest $25 Billion settlement is being done through principal reductions that are coming from the securitization side-pension funds. People who were counting on that money for retirement. Triple screw job to the American people-loss of property, loss of retirement and loss through tax payer supplementing of the whole deal. We are paying the money to banks that have no skin in the game of risk-4-6 times over. Inifinite rate of return. Privatize profits, socialize losses. What a system. I don;’t think anything more evil could have been invented financially. A system where the banks created money out of thin air. This is a feudal system-the American people are the serfs workin the land and the banks are the lords and ladies creating money out of nothing that we all have to pay back through slave labor. What can the common man do?

  7. Esteban Oquendo says:

    “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

    – Thomas Jefferson, Letter to Treasury Secretary Albert Gallatin (1802)

  8. Jason Werner says:

    Rack him.

  9. Carlos Dehesa says:

    Mr. Weidner,
    Thank God that someone like you is trying to raise his voice in an arid and desolate desert with the silence of the people; the majority now democratized does not realize they were corrupted by the magic of money, taking as a representation of Mephistopheles the bankers, who have fulfilled their task of transforming the individual into a universal triad that consists of: Zombies, parasites or Midas. Each of us is placed in one of those definitions, because politicians are not doing their job, the leaders does not do their work, the media covers its own interests and the few who realize what is happening, are indifferent to what they feel shielded, For the moment. We need more people in the desert crying to the winds! S.O.S

  10. Sergio de la Cruz says:

    Mr Weidner, how do Americans break through the tyrany? Do they know the definition of the word? Back to elementary school everyone!!!

    • Denise says:


      I am one of the americans who is trying to stand up to all the fraudulent acivity you very eloquently argue. I’m in a illegal loan, mers, in a non judicial state, yet after countless approaches to local attorneys, none of them want to get involved. Some get irritated because I possess more knowledge about note holder, securitzation and these phantom trusts, pooling agreement, etc.

      any suggestions you have…I’ll take it and RUN with it.

    • robert wade says:

      well denise as they say take the bull and shit by the horns, i have been in federal court 3x now and can speak from first hand experience what we are up against. for the moment the bank is leaving this alone. and i believe it is they are to busy doing the easy ones for now. i have fought back as a pro se litigant and have [ just recently signed up for college as a paralaegal].. i set out to educate myself to defene my home front and do battle. i have talked to attorneys [free consultations] and taken away any bits and pieces they offord that of course useful, meetings of knowledgable people willing to help, including homeowners same boat and came away with i have a chance to save the homefront. i have read countles literature and rulings and studied them to get inside of thier thinking as lawyers, judges and etc. the time is not ripe for us to win the whole thing yet. the best i have done so far is STAY IN YOUR HOME avoid trustee sale as lion wanting to devour you. create a law suit and present it to the auctioneer and they will stop, and they will contact their superiors . you must file it to make it legitimate and with good cause such as statutes of law , pleadings must me made [ plenty of them to refer to on internet] cases as well and than run appeals if you are dismissed in court. judges are king in court and without sympathy, just to many to deal with. lawyers have the huge advantage, challenge the sale challenge everything it takes time and devotion due dilligence. if you have what it takes contact me. i will respond. iam interested in gathering people to learn of what i can do thru knowledge. ROBERT WADE LITIGANT.

      • rasheed salaam says:

        I too have been studying to drive homeowners to fight. As a former bl person and financial educator. I work with people to seek resources, knowledge and other tools to stay in their homes. Please if you know how to file the complaint against the trustee who sell the homes for the banks please let me know or a case where one has been filed. This criminal complaint seems tpo work somehow. Also ryn to fine the IRS tax code violation regarding the REMIC conduits etc. I would appreciate any cost savings where refernce information and be given to homeowners in these Pro Se matters.

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