San Francisco Board of Supervisors Unanimously Passed a Resolution Tuesday Calling on Banks to Halt Foreclosure Activities

Supes Unanimously Pass Resolution Calling Banks To Stop Foreclosures

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday calling on banks to halt foreclosure activities.

Supervisor John Avalos introduced the resolution last month calling for a moratorium on home foreclosures and related evictions and auctions.

“The foreclosure crisis has already devastated so many lives,” Avalos said in a statement issued after the resolution’s victory. “This resolution is an important step to support solutions to prevent millions of Americans from losing their homes.”

The resolution aims to protect homeowners from unlawful foreclosures until state and federal protections are developed.

According to an audit commissioned by San Francisco Assessor-Recorder Phil Ting (NOT SHARON BOCK) on nearly 400 San Francisco foreclosures over the past three years, 84 percent of those forecloses were incorrect or illegal.

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2 Responses to “San Francisco Board of Supervisors Unanimously Passed a Resolution Tuesday Calling on Banks to Halt Foreclosure Activities”
  1. readdocs says:

    Oh good grief. Don’t be celebrating someones’ fuzzy feel good resolution that has
    absolutely NO effect on the ongoing foreclosures! That they made some kind of
    feeble attempt is not going to stop ONE foreclosure.

  2. What a Blessing it is to have so many persons standing up for the every day people! Taking time too audit so many loans, and then having all foreclosures halted
    I hope those who want too stay in their homes can reach some sort of agreement, it doesn;t make sense too finally have homeownership and then have it taken away!! only too become a renter!!! I rented until about age 50 and raised my children without homeownership, my rent was always much higher than a house payment? and children need stabiity. Yes I was able to relocate at an employers whim, but in the end you still get sized down so what is the difference? Much better for families to have a home, especially teenagers, this foreclosure situation has not helped the youing persons from getting into gangs either!! San Francisco you are always first above everyone else when it comes too forward thinking and looking out for its citizens; God Bless You All!

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