New York’s Top Judge, Jonathan Lippman, is Not Done Smacking Around Foreclosure Mills

Judge bites banks

Prods lenders, attys to unclog foreclosure cases

New York’s top judge is not done smacking around foreclosure mills for their bad behavior.

Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman, faced with thousands of stalled foreclosure cases clogging his courts, is expected to soon start a pilot program that will force these foreclosure mills and their bank clients to the bargaining table in an attempt to modify the muddled mortgages.

Homeowners across the state — including as many as 5,000 in Brooklyn and Queens alone — have been victimized by these mills, which file lawsuits and then, fearful of swearing to the truthfulness of the claims in the suit, let them lie dormant in the courts.

Meanwhile, the homeowners are forced to live in a legal limbo — unable to work out a modification because of the missing paperwork but still on the hook for a boatload of fees.

In June, Lippman will start a pilot program in Brooklyn that will force banks to the bargaining table. A judge will oversee the meeting with the aim of keeping the families in their homes.

“Losing your home is probably one of the greatest traumatic events a family or a person could have and they are in our courts, and we have to ensure that their cases are handled appropriately and expeditiously,” Lippman told The Post.

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2 Responses to “New York’s Top Judge, Jonathan Lippman, is Not Done Smacking Around Foreclosure Mills”
  1. Ya gotta be kidding, this is a cover-up for the lawyers and judges that committed RoboFraud, RoboForgery, RoboMarketRigging to evade CRIMINAL PROSECUTION. Lippman has no authority to investigate or prosecute the criminal acts and covers for the Judges (Criminals, mostly lawyers, disguised as judges) who ROBORUBBER STAMPED the Fraudulent Forged Documents to Aid and Abet the CRIMINAL ACTS and the Lawyers (Criminals disguised as lawyers) who submitted those documents. All of these peoples criminal acts are the reason the markets exploded and millions upon hundreds of millions people worldwide have been catastrophically ruined. Lippman should be demanding CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS BEFORE SETTLEMENT and a RICO and RECOVER strategy on all the banksters, lawyers and judges, otherwise he is just part of the problem, which he is.

  2. Fury says:

    well i’m glad judge lippman hasn’t given up smacking the fraud criminals arond.
    it looks like new yorkers have been abandoned by eric schneiderman.

    and his ratings have sunk. good!

    $4 million fine for steven j. baum when he was pulling in $200 million a year for 14 years stealing people’s homes w/ false court filings? pathetic!

    in california, kamala harris is looking out for her political ass instead of the suffering residents of her state.
    our friends told us that 99% of people they know are losing or have lost their homes (our firiends included).

    they said not only are people losing their homes, they are losing their businesses too.

    when will this fraud and injustice ever stop?!

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