National Notary Association | Foreclosure Fraud, Robo-signing Crisis Highlights Need For Legal, Trusted, Ethical Notarizations

Secretaries of State to Address Notary Compliance, Liability, Consumer Protection Following National Mortgage Settlement

Distinguished State Leaders Will Convene Keynote Panel at the National Notary Association’s 2012 Conference in San Diego

LOS ANGELES, Apr 18, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — With the foreclosure ‘robo-signing’ crisis and the National Mortgage Settlement sending shockwaves through America’s mortgage industry, three nationally prominent Secretaries of State will convene a special Keynote Panel at the National Notary Association’s 34th Annual Conference this June to discuss the growing demand for trusted, legal notarizations, and what Notaries need to do to increase public protections and reduce liability risks.

Secretaries of State Elaine Marshall of North Carolina, Beth Chapman of Alabama, and Ken Bennett of Arizona are at the forefront of developments transforming the role of Notaries Public. Their insights will be a highlight of Conference 2012 — especially in light of mounting nationwide concerns over notarial compliance and risk management.

“We are pleased that these three influential Secretaries — all of whom are among the top minds in notarial issues — will join us to address the nation’s Notaries and their employers during this critical time,” said NNA President and Chief Executive Officer Thomas A. Heymann. “The foreclosure crisis put the spotlight squarely on the high value of legal and ethical notarizations. These Secretaries will provide their perspectives on what needs to be done to strengthen the notarial process and avoid these types of financial crises.”

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4 Responses to “National Notary Association | Foreclosure Fraud, Robo-signing Crisis Highlights Need For Legal, Trusted, Ethical Notarizations”
  1. Ms Fed UP! says:

    Keep an eye on your foreclosure case. My case was dismissed in October 2010 at a Motion for Sanctions hearing. Fraud, Robo-signer (Jeffrey Stephan) etc. The banks Atty, requested from the court on 4/13, the original documents be sent back to them. The court sent them back 4.17. Which means they are getting ready to re-file a lis pendins and come after me again. The other day, someone in a white jeep wrangler pulled up, got out of his vehicle, took pictures of my home and also rang my door bell. So they are having my home sight inspected. They have also been sending out threatening letters. The last one said that they were going to put my house up for sale since it is in foreclosure. That I am to repsond to the the package they sent me and either take the foreclosure, deed in lieu or short sale my home. Other people I know are getting served with foreclosure papers.

    So keep an eye on your case. Check it for activity. Just want to give you a heads up.
    The banks snakes are slitering again. Even though my case was dismissed based on the Robo signing and the fraud etc etc. The banks lost their case due to their ILLEGAL and Fraudulent activity. BUT HEY!!! They get a ‘Do Over” because the Judge would not dismiss it WITH prejudice! How much more unfair can this system be to the American home owner?

    My snakes name is GMAC.

  2. matt ross says:

    I am dealing with this same problem file as many complaints on a state and federal level. an investigation will begin. the reason a notary is needed in the first place is that they are an officer of the state and in order to file into public record you must have it done. now here is the kicker if you do nothing then nothing will happen. i know it is enough to make you sick but you do not need a lawyer. just fight let your fingers do the walking you will not be ignored. this is crazy times for many of us. but there is more of us than them. good luck!

  3. Katheryn says:

    Most officials don’t care about robo-signors or foregery or anything else banks do. I presently 3 different versions of my mortgage to the clerk’s office. Only one of the three versions is filed and he told me the others and the foregery don’t matter as long as only one is filed. If you pay your mortgage then there’s no problem and the rest is irrelevant??????? Who can figure.

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