Schneiderman Propagandist Confirms Report of Lack of Staffing for Mortgage Fraud Task Force

Naked Capitalism | Schneiderman Propagandist Confirms Report of Lack of Staffing for Mortgage Fraud Task Force

There’s nothing like watching someone who is already in a hole dig deeper.

Yesterday, the New York Daily News ran an article that chronicled how the much ballyhooed mortgage fraud task force was going nowhere fast. It quoted task force co-chairman Eric Schneiderman as saying that the effort had no staff and no executive director and the Justice Department confirming that the effort had no office.

The problem, of course, is that bout of candor is inconsistent with recent efforts of the Administration to pretend that there was a serious effort underway. So, not surprisingly, a piece appeared today in the Nation that tried to dispute the Daily News account but a discerning reader would see it as a de facto confirmation.

We’ll get to the Nation piece in short order, but to give a bit more background, last week, the DoJ provided this bureaucratic confection in response to Dave Dayen’s inquiry on the task force’s status:

The new Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities Working Group is marshaling parallel efforts on the state and federal levels to collaborate on current and future investigations, pooling resources and streamlining processes to investigate those responsible for misconduct contributing to the financial crisis in a comprehensive way. Significant efforts continue to move forward and if they uncover evidence of fraud or other illegal conduct, we will pursue such conduct aggressively.

Notice how wonderfully abstract this statement is? The key bit, if you read closely, is that the ONLY activity described is that of coordinating existing efforts. An anonymous DoJ source maintained that there were at least 50 DoJ staffers working on the effort. Dayen raised the question of whether they were working on the investigation or working on getting the effort staffed. I wonder, instead, what “working on” means (as in being in any way involved in the communication chain could be defined to be “working on”). Since the other co-chair, Lanny Breuer, had said the initiative would have only 55 people working on it, if 50 really were already up and running, there’d be no reason for the official response to be so labored. You’d get something more along the lines of: “We are at over 90% of our targeted manpower level.”

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12 Responses to “Schneiderman Propagandist Confirms Report of Lack of Staffing for Mortgage Fraud Task Force”
  1. Fury says:

    schneiderman’s political career will tank
    because of this sellout. it may be all over now.

    knowing that he was joining lanny “do nothing” breuer was the dead giveaway
    this was just one more con pulled on defrauded homeowners.

  2. Sal says:

    We have to be realistic. It may be dangerous for the health of those who ‘do the right thing’. There is no way everyone is a thug or a thug apologist. Schneiderman likely got a visit in the middle of the night, and was put on notice. Folks like Spitzer, a true American super hero, was set up and likely so has or will the rest. Our beloved USA has been fully taken over by organized crime. They invaded our legal system at every level, from its bowels, the legal ‘profession’, to our political whores. The illusion of a ‘Country’ is just that, an illusion. It is likely that most at the FBI, DOJ cry themselves to sleep. To be helpless in the face of such evil, has to be profoundly dehumanizing. To have your hands tied behind your back when ones life is dedicated to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States is the epitome of humiliation.

    • Sal says:

      The problem isn’t the ‘banks’. The problem is the legal system. There is no legal system. Its been destroyed. The ‘banks’ is a word, a word for an inanimate object. A ‘corporation’. It is PEOPLE who are responsible ,’Not Articles of Incorporation’ or Shareholders. It is criminals within these ‘corporations’. They have so far succeeded in diverting our attention in a drastic way. We need to focus of PEOPLE. Criminals. The ‘banks’ are getting funds that DO NOT EXIST, and NEVER WILL. Its a smoke screen! The real money is in the secret accounts of the RACKETEERS. The MULTI-PLEDGING MORTGAGE RACKETEERS!

  3. So sorry for the families that thought the programs that they defended for those less fortunate, would posssibly after much deep thought and feeling of failure, would apply for assistance only to find the programs are only there for very poor, pregnant immigrants? and those that know how to milk the system; since we look around and know large groups getting assistance?? you won;t even qualify for food stamps! you must lose home, car and everything first; be glad you have children and only one house too lose since that will not take as long as if you had acquited more; sorry too disappoint! hang in there! God Bless America!

  4. keepon says:

    Translation: They’ve put out the word on what to dump ‘n hide. ‘THIS’ is what we don’t want to detect, or else we’ll have to do something! “Preparest the table…” for the next layer of elitist RICO Kabuki cover-up.

    Let the People investigate. Did they name Bill Black yet as one of the 55 investigators? Here’s Black’s March 2012 testimony to the Senate. See how much Al Franken really wants to know from Black before Franken shuts him down due to ‘time constraints’:

    Holder, Breur, Schneiderman. More sham.

  5. joe parisi says:

    This is the last time I believe any politician, he has drunk Obama punch, this fucking fraud, Schneiderman. Then again he is a puppet for Cuomo, another fraud from way back.
    Cuomo, by the way, worked for two years @ 500k per for a landlord who he was prosecuting. Landlord gets tap on the wrist. And so it goes.

    No wonder people flee NY.

  6. lies is all they tell says:

    here in florida its bad!! my husband has been on unemployment since last june . i can not afford health insurance for my kids so i applied to medicaid the day he was laid off. they were approved. get this. he is still on unemployent, on the emergency extension. i get a letter from medicaid om 4/18 sating i make to much money for my kids to be medicaid to apply for kids care??? 12 days they give me whe it takes 6 weeks to get approved. i am besides myself. i started crying. how can they do this to responsible parents???? how can flroida do this to hard working people. so foreclose, repossess my car, now take away my kids medicaide i dont understand.

    • CaitlinO says:

      I don’t know for sure that it would have made a difference, but can I ask who you voted for in 2004? I don’t know that the next election will result in a change for the better for you and your family, but I will pray that things improve for you.

  7. talktotennessee says:

    I bet you all thought there would be a pot of gold at the base of the rainbow too! This is no surprise. Another sham program to work in name only to justify the jobs for those who are so designated to be a named entity in the purported action committee.
    Same old – – – -!
    Congress, nor administration nor legal system doing more than pay lip service to help programs.
    Banks are liquidating foreclosures or short selling rapidly. Normal sales are decreasing as is normal inventory, too far underwater so people are caught in a downward spiral, increasingly “shorting,” which drives down values even more. There is no bottom to the market now. As values continue to drop, more people are forced to short or walk away.
    The economy is beginning to falter again. The GOP has no answers and sound like a broken record, “lower taxes for the wealthy and business,” cut Medicare, Social Security. How about cutting out wars, foreign support? Why support foreign social programs when we won’t take care of our own?
    No patience with ignorance and it is rampant when it comes to housing. There are two views of the current housing dilemma: One is from the blind who can’t see beyond the day at hand, totally oblivious and the others are those who just don’t care, believing homeowners in trouble are deadbeats. Neither group seems to be reachable.

  8. ChrisYAHanWatcher4YAH says:

    Should MALicious entity’s: CHOOSE to Make a Project FAIL; This IS precisely a TACTIC; they might DEPLOY to INSURE it’s FAILURE? They are a VERY Clever group of Radical Revolutionary TERRORISTS, posing as Public Servants, They are NOT Stupid in spite of appearing SO! Possibly to Deceive?

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