Bank of America Threatens Foreclosure Even After Loan Modifications (VIDEO)


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  1. Bank (NOT) of America says:

    we’d never made a late payment…
    we both lost our jobs because of the “economic crisis in america”….
    couldn’t refinance without any employment!
    applied for the loan modification program but didn’t qualify the first time…
    we went through the “loan mod” process again and were told we qualified….
    but only after falling behind!
    “congrats!….you’re on your way to a more affordable mortgage!”
    (their ACTUAL statement!)
    after many months of jumping through their hoops and over their hurdles and
    experiencing the “lost paperwork” syndrome they finally
    sent another letter again stating congratulations!
    here’s your loan modification:
    but they didn’t lower the interest rate….
    they didn’t put the delinquent payments on the back end…
    they didn’t help by lowering the balance…
    they actually UPPED the mortgage payment and demanded a check to bring the loan balance up to date!
    too bad we couldn’t afford to retain legal representation…
    i KNOW they were just setting us up to foreclose…
    so with all the equity we had…
    and love of our home and location…
    we ended up having to do a REVERSE MORTGAGE just to keep our home!
    i think we got away from the evil bank just in time…
    but i guess i shouldn’t complain….
    we’re still here where we always wanted to be…
    while so many americans have lost their homes after doing business with this bank…

  2. Cindy says:

    We are in NC and having the same problem! I was told this morning “you are not the only customer we have. you will just have to wait until we have time to process”. I’ve made all of my trial payments on time and they still won’t process my modification.

    • crystal says:

      We’re having the same problem cindy. make sure you start writing letters so you’ll have a paper trail. we’re preparing for a possible court appearence. check your state law regarding foreclosures.

  3. Does the leopard change its spots?

  4. Faith says:

    Make sure your modification is recorded at your County Registry of Deeds.

  5. To Tell The Truth says:

    Fear not, they may seem to be getting away with atrocities but God is longsuffering and patient…

  6. Wait until Bank of America agrees to a personal settlement and then welches on the settlement agreement. if that’s not enough they’ll file false paperwork with the courts dismissing the case you had filed against them. Let me sit in front of the media for a moment and I can unviel a story that will make your skin crawl. BofA has not been held accountable for any of thier tirades, what makes people think they will change now??? All I can say is those homeowners are in for a true nightmare ahead of them, best to get out now before they ruin your marriage and break up your family.

    • Katheryn says:

      I know firsthand what you mean. I’ve been in litigation with them for over a year. It is beyond my belief what they try to get away with and are a real piece of work. They lie, deny and refuse to answer interrogatories. They are plainly awful!

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