The Wall Street Conspiracy – Trailer (VIDEO)

The Wall Street Conspiracy explores a pernicious form of fraud called illegal naked short selling that has had an enormous impact on the 2008 collapse of the US economy.


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  1. flex says:

    For God’s sake, somebody do something about it!!!
    The future of this country is in ruins. Our children’s children will pay for the rest of their lives for this mess. Wall St. mess is the biggest mother of all bubbles. Trading stocks that don’t even exist is just pure immoral. Take peoples life savings in disguised stocks and future earnings is the gross criminal act that anyone can do and yet there is no one investigating and putting crooks in jail,
    When is enough, enough! First derivatives, Mortgage Backing Securities, PSA, CDO, CDA, Hedge funds, Bonds, and now Naked Short bets. When is this devil going to burn in hell?
    How can the government and the American People and all the smart people in the world let a few crooks get away with this insanity? Where is the IMF, the G20, the G7, or NATO or anybody with power to do something about these crooks. Who are the crooks behind this ordeal anyway? If the U.S. government know who they are and what they are doing to this country and to the world, what are they waiting for to make them stop.
    Where are all the government agencies when we need them? Come on SEC, DOJ, FBI, CIA, FCC,. FTC, Treasury, Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, the whistle of Secretary of Treasury, and the bum of Larry Sommers and the crook of Hank Paulson. If we continue electing puppets for President of the United States, the crooks will continue with their show under our noses. Since the majority of the people in the country don’t know what is going on and it is too difficult for them to understand, the crooks will keep getting away with murder. From the banks to major corporations that under their disguise of too big to fail, they don’t pay taxes and corrupt the government and the system. This parasites have to be removed from power and the people need to get educated and make the right choices in life, otherwise they will pay with their lives and their children lives.
    America, Organize, Vote, and Fight Back. This our Country God Bless

  2. To Tell The Truth says:

    I must have double clicked…sorry.

  3. To Tell The Truth says:

    Sorry, my email was incorrect…but it is correct now…
    All I can say at this minute until it sinks in is WOW!!!!

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