Exposing the Big Banks’ Big Secret (VIDEO)

Wall Street and the Big Banks have found ways to drain us of our wealth and well-being, in every part of our lives – through our homes, pensions, health care, bank fees, debt traps, and public services. It’s how their wealth grab works.



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  1. Sal says:

    The SOLUTION? Glass Steigal and PROSECUTIONS of those who PERSONALLY were involved in the obtaining of funds by COUNTERFEITING MULTI PLEDGED LOANS, and then transferring of those funds to undisclosed accounts. THAT IS TO SAY, ‘THE RACKET’. Let the little guys squirm and turn. Let the big fish FRY!

  2. qny81 says:

    Vote for Dr. Ron Paul for president, 2012. He has been trying to expose the Federal Reserve Fraud for the last 30 years. He is against subsidies for corporations which is done to harm small business owners. Corporatism is not capitalism. Corporatism does not allow competition, only monopolies. Buy in your local businesses. He is the only presidential candidate that served in the military. A true, decent American, he needs our support. His only fault is he tells the truth that the majority does not want to hear. We need more people like him in politics. Check out his donors: http://www.opensecrets.org. DC has not changed him, lobbyists don’t visit him or take him out. He is not for sale. Dr. Ron Paul, President, 2012.

  3. goi says:

    Lets see: SELF PROCLAIMED STATS from undisclosed or tainted sources. YOU OFFER NO SOLUTIONS.

    Your charts are merely for FEAR MONGERING….

    Take a trip AROUND THE WORLD and tell me its BETTER somewhere else….

    Tell your friends and family to obtain a political office or corporate seat and help GUIDE the future instead of being a recipient of this alleged ‘return the wealth grab’….

    Yelling for change is one thing.. PUTTING A WORKABLE SOLUTION on the table would get attention.


    Terry has the right idea. Only REGISTERED VOTERS and LEGAL CITIZENS have a voice here….!!!

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