FRONTLINE | Money, Power and Wall Street 05/01/12 Part Two (Full Episode)

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2 Responses to “FRONTLINE | Money, Power and Wall Street 05/01/12 Part Two (Full Episode)”
  1. talktotennessee says:

    Love the wide-eyed pretty ladies of the street (Wall) in their innocent selling of derivatives, which they failed to understand. One has to smile at the scene of Wall Street’s JP Morgan as the PIMP and the JP “girls” pushing sales! There is just enough mud slung at JP Morgan (Chase). Attack the dirt and scrub it with the same perfumed cloth. The ‘blame game’ is that Obama allowed bankers free reign, joining Wall Street politically. Of course, the cloak is laid at the feet of Geithner, Obama’s ‘pick’. A subtle implication is that the tea party movement attacked bank bailouts initially giving the impression the GOP could or would reign in banks, if they were in charge. Remember history: Tea Party pop-ups originated largely from older white southern biased Republicans against Obama, racially motivated. Selected video clips re-directed TP ire as attacking bank bailouts solely, combining them with similar clips of OWS for implied coalition. Both the tea party and OWS are against bank bailouts but only one of those groups was seized by the GOP, using the momentum to gain offices, control of House.
    The program gives Bush and Paulsen a ‘bye’ slipping quickly to blaming Obama for not slapping banking exec’s wrist when they were called on the carpet like naughty children.

    So, what are we to take away from this pretty saga of derivatives?
    Too complex to understand?
    Banking execs didn’t see it coming?
    Too big to stop?
    Pretty girls innocently sold them?
    Everyone drank the kool-aid and should have known better?
    And finally. . . . . wait for it. . . .
    Capt America Obama failed to save the day, bought Geithner’s bailout sham hook line and sinker.
    The GOP and their tea party vehicle continue to brainwash their base. .
    .Okay, I smell a rat in story motive, 4-5 years out from the event and in election year.
    Do you buy it? I still have a MS bridge

  2. Go online to and order as many DVD’s as you can afford!! $29 for the 4 hour explanation of what and who is to blame for this distruction of our economy!!!
    Un real…really!

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