PB Post | Florida Carries Burden of 30 Percent of Nation’s Shadow Inventory

Florida carries burden of 30 percent of nation’s shadow inventory

by Kim Miller

The Sunshine State’s shadow inventory of 550,000 homes makes up a third of the nation’s unlisted distressed properties according to a report released this week by the Florida Realtors.

Florida Realtors chief economist John Tuccillo said despite the large volume, the slow leak of homes onto the market, as well as an increase in short sales, shouldn’t crash prices as many have feared.

The report, released Tuesday, defines shadow inventory as homes with mortgages 90 days or more delinquent, homes in the process of foreclosure and homes repossessed by the bank but not yet listed for sale.

Tuccillo said this is the first statewide analysis of the shadow inventory and its potential impact on real estate’s rebound.

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2 Responses to “PB Post | Florida Carries Burden of 30 Percent of Nation’s Shadow Inventory”
  1. readdocs says:

    Sure. I bet the tip of this iceberg is capable of sinking the ship of Florida.
    550k? Who is verifying this number?

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      Just more smoke screeen! It has already been proven that the NAR doesn’t account for ALL sales so their figures are likely on the low side anyways.

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