Banking Giant HSBC ‘A Criminal Enterprise’

Banking giant HSBC ‘a criminal enterprise’

Whistleblower makes damning case in video interview

The global banking giant HSBC is a “criminal” operation, charges a former officer for the company’s southern New York region in a video interview with WND.

John Cruz, a former vice president and relationship manager, has turned over to WND more than 1,000 pages of documents, including customer account ledgers for dozens of companies through which, he charges, the financial institution was laundering money each month.Cruz told WND that as a relationship manager, it was his responsibility to look up various accounts in the HSBC computer system and visit the account holders in person to offer additional banking products and services.

“I pulled these documents because I thought they were evidence of suspicious activity taking place,” Cruz affirmed when presented by WND with various HSBC computer ledgers of customer accounts. “These same documents I brought to bank security and my managers in the bank.”

To his surprise, HSBC management and security did not welcome his reports of suspicious activity.

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9 Responses to “Banking Giant HSBC ‘A Criminal Enterprise’”
  1. Bruce R Nelson says:

    I wish I could write an intelligent reply but realizing again that HSBC is/was financial partners who conned an ignorant Judge Anna Brown in Federal Ct, Portland, OR and this ignorant incompetent bitch judge GAVE my $340,000. equity to BOTH OCWEN and HSBC clearly under investigation back in 2014 stripping me of 100% of my assets, leaving me pennyless at an advanced age and she is not accountable for her stupidity and failure 100% to uphold the Federal Law (TILA) she swore a judicial oath to upholld…AAAAAAAAAAUGH! (sorry I just expectorated all over my self)
    This only proves that Federal Ct Judges who ruled against innocent victims are corrupt. I claim Brown is corrupt and I beg her to sue me for libel. This wicked woman never saw any PROOF OF STANDING (under TILA) and the reason she never saw proof of interest/standing is mindlessly simple. The ORIGINAL NOTE and ORIGINAL MORTGAGE no longer existed. Accordinly ly under the law, no legal proof no standing to be iun any courtroom. Judge Horner of Polk County Oregon clearly understood the law that Anna Brown elected to ignore (because in my opinion she was in bed with Att Teresa Shill and he associates at Lake Oswego) Of course Shill et all would not prosecute unlawfully against an innocent vicrim, right. I mean if they get caught SAhill et all would be disbarred, right?
    Oh well maybe this HSBC dude can hop on Ocwens fat ass Willie Embreys cash stuffed yatch and sail off toMmalta

    “scuse’ Moi s’il vous plait…I have to puke again.

  2. maggie-arizona says:

    In all of this fraudclosure, everyone has overlooked one sector…and thats the sub-servicing of whats known as “private seller financed ” in which buyers that can’t qualify under standard financing….a seller will carry the “loan”. Both buyer AND SELLER CONTRACT WITH 3RD PARTY servicer…THE SERVICERS ARE USUALLY SOME OF THE SAME THAT ALSO SERVICE FOR THE BIG BANKS ETC.
    They are to be safeguarding the original document files as custodial agents, and of course recieve payments and keep impound accounts for paying out Insurance and taxes…I have proof, andfirst hand knowledge that the original note is removed and a photo copy put in its place, without the knowledge or consent of either buyer or seller, who are paying fees to the servicer.
    I have also discovered that there is a mysterious 18 month overlap of 2 seperate servicers posting the monthly payments to both companies ledgers. I still have no answer for this action, but i have the proof. another mystery is that when i finally was able to “fire” or close out the last account servicer, upon closing the account, the final transaction as ‘recieved, was posted in the ‘PRINCIPAL RECIEVED COLUMN’ the full entire balance of principal, and then balance due column was a ZERO. It was posted to the yearly IRS report, and also listed as principal paid ( by me ) for that year , was the full principal amount. I can’t find anyone in the legAL FEILD who has knowledge to how they are “cooking” the books, and the seller i pay directly now, will not join with me in sueing the servicer for unjust enrichment, fiduciary breach, and constructive fraud, and who knows what else applies. my question is , anyone here at all have suggestion as to whom i might submit this too. I feel that the entire private seller financed sector has been shuffled into the pools of the BIG BANKS notes and added to the bottom line for selling out to the investers. my email is : for any input please, need help bad.! thanks.

  3. readdocs says:

    Patrick is correct. If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.
    Planning for, and saving for a good real estate lawyer should be the
    foundation of planning a defense against the banks who are the

  4. Melanie says:

    Explains how they didn’t ever received $83K in payments (cough cough) which I have receipts for. we need to stop these fuckers, NOW BEFORE THEY SELL ALL THEIR U.S. ASSETS…….ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…….FUCKING CRIMINALS



      Furious Melanie,
      You need to talk to me.As an intelligent man, I found THE WAY to strike back, through lawsuits, and what everyone is afraid of,standing on your own two feet, and realizing that you are the cause and the collateral of all that happens to you.You must google ,but understand the concept of the STRAWMAN, SECURED PARTY CREDITOR, AND SOVEREIGNTY.
      Give me an e mail address and I will send you files.I do not want money,personal info. or anything.
      I do not need anything from you.This is only for the intelligent, who would choose a pen instead of a sword.

      • Melanie says:

        I have been dealing with them for 8 years on the same issue. So yes, my temper with them is gone. Patience is as well. they create all sorts of fake documents. email is I appreciate the offer. I am in the works of getting a lawsuit going. The more that breaks on this fraud they consistently perpetrate is such a great thing to see. I thought I was going nuts. They make you believe you are.

  5. zurenarrh says:

    This guy needs security ASAP! He is a very brave man!

  6. Ali says:

    What amazed me about this story is that all the banks (I’m sure there are a few exceptions) are doing the same thing, some on a larger scale and some on a smaller scale. The mortgage broker we entrusted to handle our VA home loan took out three loans at origination according to our credit report in additition to a large downpayment of 37,000. dollars. Our house was $159.9. Where did the money go? Our “High Balance”, on the report was almost 700,000. I found out that this is what the FBI calls “Shotgunning”. Why are we wasting resources on foreclosing on victems of this fraud and not investagating the massive amounts of money being stolen from America and the American people. It has already been established that much fraud occurred, what are they waiting for? Now BOA is claiming we owe them money when they were never a part of any transation with us ever. I believe we are owed some change. Seems like many entities have made alot of money from our house, except of course us! Follow the money!

  7. Ron Moss says:

    HSBC was the buyer of my house foreclosed by MERS.

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