Housing Advocates Protest Obama’s Clooney Event

Housing Advocates Protest Obama’s Clooney Event

When President Barack Obama and Hollywood’s glitterati arrive for a million-dollar fundraiser at George Clooney’s California mansion, they’ll pass by a collection of 50 or so people urging the president to help them keep their homes.

Campaign for a Fair Settlement, a group of underwater homeowners and housing advocates, plan to protest outside the Laurel Canyon event on Thursday. They want Obama to get tougher on the banks and mortgage lenders that triggered the housing crisis — and force the conservator of federally-backed mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to do more to help them.

“We’re urging the president to be tougher and stronger,” said Nish Suvarnakar the campaign’s manager. “We’re asking him to use his authority to push the Department of Justice to make it a priority to investigate. We believe, and a lot of the 11 million struggling homeowners believe, he hasn’t done enough when it comes to the housing crisis.”

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  1. Sherrie Nieves says:

    Please Help, i have been fighting to long to save my Home, that my Husband and I built on America Grounds and home land,

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