Romney Says Banking Reform Hurting Housing Market in Florida

Romney says banking reform hurting housing market in Florida

More than four in 10 Florida homeowners are underwater on their mortgages. President Barack Obama has not done much to help them, and it doesn’t sound like Mitt Romney has any serious plan in store either. His main idea? Repeal Wall Street reform.

“Bankers have been very slow in renegotiating the mortgages, helping people go through the process, short sales and so forth that allow these products, these homes, to be taken out of the market so they can be bought by new investors,” Romney said in a Political Connections interview airing today on Bay News 9.

“Government has made it harder for the banks to do it. The Dodd-Frank (Wall Street) legislation has scared particularly community banks in such a way that they’re just paralyzed. They’re not taking action to help people get their mortgages renegotiated and let people either stay in their home or have the home ultimately go back in the hands of new investors that will turn it around and ultimately bring home values back up.”

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  1. To Tell The Truth says:

    I tend to disagree with some of the above comments…I am convinced that they still don ‘t get it!!! That no one there seems to grasp the reality and truth of what has occurred more pervasively, since 2007/08 and continue to occur even now with the fraudclosure situation. Also, I believe that if any one there does grasp it then they are too scare or confounded as how to go about correcting the problem…too much money transcends to too much power that transcends to too much cover up and more corruption to cover the one before…and so it will continue until they topple themselves like the Humpy Dumpy that sat upon the high tower wall….and the fall of tower of Babel where they thought nothing could stop them…it only takes a shepherd boy David with a big God to topple Goliath and use Goliath’s own sword to cut off his head!!!

    There is yet more to come!!! More to be exposed!!!

  2. Is a race to the bottom ! Between Robocorp Romney and Friendly bankers Obama

    • Mary says:

      It doesn’t necessarily have to be either Romney or Obama. We do have a voice and we should ALL use it.

  3. Ron Moss says:

    Bankers really need a relief program.

  4. flanow says:

    Once again! More compassionate ideas from a rich mother******* republican!

  5. Romney has no heart. He is totally out of the loop with the American people and the actual suffering homeowners are going through. The banks who mostly caused this mess have been helped and yet when you really come down to it very few homeowners have. On another note I would sure like to see Ed Demarco gone!

  6. Fed up says:

    Will we ever learn our lesson? Every four years the sleazy degenerate Democrats and Republicans wage an all out war for control over us and we obediently just go along.
    Obama – Romney are owned bought and paid for corporate kcok zukrs and we… are the chumps who mindlessly keep coming back for more. The malfeasance and fraud will not stop until -We The People – rise up and take our country back from the treasonous criminals.
    Romney and Obama you do not fool me you can both go F yourselves in Macy’s window .

  7. talktotennessee says:

    This is typical GOP propaganda in support of the banking industry. Romney makes it clear he isn’t interested in homeowners retaining their homes or helping Fla or elsewhere. His focus has always been to free up the foreclosure process so investors can buy houses for cash at half the price the homeowner owes yet they won’t cut the price for the homeowner because that would be ‘moral hazard.’. What do they think liquidating these homes below replacement cost is? Destroying market value for those who never defaulted? You think Romney cares? Is it Moral/Ethical indifference that the banks profit from re-selling houses where they defrauded people as easily as they hawked derivative products? It isn’t rocket science that the banking industry now makes its money on the clean up because it isn’t their money on the loss. If insured by government, or owned by pensions funds, etc, guess who loses difference between what is owed and what is recovered? Those holding the paper!
    Happening across the US by the thousands, millions. Houses are foreclosed and short sold for pennies on the dollar to cash investors from all over the world. You can buy real estate in the US wherever you are located! You never have to come to the US. Large investment companies popping up now who will handle all, the purchase, clean up, management, rental. You don’t have to be a US citizen to own real estate, deal in it, profit from it. Our country is being sold out.
    This is not presumption, I work with foreclosed properties and values every day as an appraiser. I assure you the big banks are dumping them like water out of a bucket either foreclosing or short selling.

    Romney is full of it. He may tantalize Florida with spin to try to get votes from those with little knowledge of the devastation the banks have caused there. If he and cohorts can, they will change Florida to non-judicial to facilitate theft, like TN, whose homes are sold with no legal voice.
    Obama isn’t much better, he sold out.

  8. Hell No, No More Bail-OUTS says:

    Too bad we don’t have a way to force both parties to offer different candidates than are going to be on the ballot from the two parties that control the presidential elections in this country.

    I’d love the option of a SERIOUS third party taking root in the US. That appears to be the only way for us to get this country back on track short of another revolution.

    Mitt Romney is totally CLUELESS. WHO THE HELL is going to be around to buy up all these foreclosures other than his investor buddies? This is not the first time Romney has made such statements. He previously indicated that nationally the foreclosures needed to be allowed to clear. He wants the inventory of foreclosures to be resold faster than is occurring now EVERYWHERE.

    I can just see it in the future: Suggested questions for judges: Are you an investor in foreclosed properties? Are any of your retirement holdings acquiring foreclosed properties?

    Actually, those questions may already be needed to get certain judges to recuse themselves in foreclosure cases.

  9. StuckinSoPa says:

    Its not the local “community banks” that are holding onto this garbage for God’s sake. It’s Nick’s BIG money buddies on wall street. If our corrupt and incompetent congress hadn’t bailed out the big banks, then the “community” banks would have gobbled up the pieces and THEN that statement might have carried some weight.

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