Oriane Rousseau | Widow Sues Wells Fargo Over Wrongful Foreclosure that Took her Husband’s Life

“Can you imagine what he felt like? Norman had no more fight left in him. For him death was better than fighting that bank”


Widow sues Wells Fargo over wrongful foreclosure that took devastating toll

Oriane Rousseau says husband Norman’s suicide was a result of the bank kicking off a process from which they couldn’t escape

For Oriane and Norman Rousseau, their hopes of keeping the modest California house that had been their dream home ended with a loud noise while Oriane was in the kitchen.

She rushed to the bedroom, unsure of what had happened. But when the part-time nurse smelled sulphur, she understood. Opening the door Oriane saw her husband on the bed with his head wrapped in a blanket. “I saw blood on the wall. I lifted up the comforter a little and then I lost it,” Oriane told the Guardian in an interview.

Norman’s suicide on May 13 was the worst possible end for the Rousseau’s nightmarish experience of America’s foreclosure crisis. But it was a long, surreal and twisted journey to get there. It began in May 2009, when Wachovia, now part of Wells Fargo, told the Rousseaus they had missed a mortgage payment on their home in Newbury Park, an hour outside Los Angeles.

Even though the Rousseaus had made the payment – and had the receipt to prove it – that kicked off a foreclosure process they were never able to escape, battling against the seemingly careless bureaucracy of a major American bank that eventually took their home.

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R.I.P. Norm



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  1. Please help us in our fight to save my clients’ home. See his plight at http://www.savejimmyshome.com or go to http://www.wetruth.com. His home was sold at Sheriff Sale by Wells Fargo or Homeq while they weren’t behind on payments and no foreclosure validly existed. These banks should be literally put out of business. Problem is YOUR government is protecting them !!! When they steal from the People, the banks face no government intervention but when they lose billions of their own dollars stolen from the People the government gives these banks more of the People’s money. YOUR GOVERNMENT IS JUST AS MUCH TO BLAME!!!
    Stand tall and let them hear your voice. Send letters to your representatives asking them to pass legislature to allow punitive damages in breach of contract cases surrounding wrongful foreclosures, etc. Just like the insurance companies needed a bit of a legal nudge to operate a bit more honestly; punitive damages for eggregious contract breaches, along with criminal penalties is the only way to curb this corruption. Only when stealing isn’t so profitable will the thief stop.
    Thanks, Dan

  2. little miss sunshine says:

    For a man, being the provider of the family. The loss of the home was sad, then to read they emptied their retirement account to keep their home.. only to lose the home. Take what money they had to buy a motor home only to find out it would not start. They were likely beat by someone trying to get rid of a motor home that needed work, which they probably said ran fine. I just cannot imagine how this man must have felt. I literally cried over this story.

    Now to hear of the health issues that are occurring to some of the foreclosure advocates, such as April & Max; it is really unfortunate and shows what a toll this takes on the family & the people who are trying to help these people. Anyone with a heart must feel the despair this man must have felt.

    I would hope they don’t put me on the jury.

  3. elyse says:

    I will say it again and again…it does not matter thatbfraud, robo signing or false affidavits are uncovered and presented to any courts. Thousands of cases are heard around the country every single day and 99% of them are ruled against the homeowners….no matter what the laws are, no mtter if the Judge has their retirement invested in the very banks they are granting foreclosure’s to and no mtter what laws those banks have violated….the courts are as bad as the banks nd there will never be ny justice until the American people say…Enough…..how to do that? Join the street protests…bring out the grandma’s and grandpa’s, children in strollers, nurses and veteran’s in uniform….not just the hippie, drum playing rainbow wig wearing students that are out there now….

    When the faces of the protestors are the older americans feed up with all this illegal foreclosure finally take it to the streets instead of the corupt courts, something different will happen….if nothing changes…then nothing changes….
    The couts are not doing their jobs so protest there!!

    • Sam says:

      I agree-the banks, courts, white house congress and our state AG’s have all been bought by corporate interests. Homeowners don’t stand a chance in court-millions of felonies are being committed by banks and no one cares or rules against them. I am wondering if there is any justice left in this country? Just because you pay your mortgage, don’t think you are without a problem. No one knows who really owns the mortgage-totally lost in the pool of Mortgage Backed Securities. Probably a pension fund that also has no rights. We are being absolutely raped as a nation-loss of homes through fraud, no chain of title through pooling of mortgages, taxpayer losses at bailing out banks that do nothing but trade casino derivatives, losses of jobs because banks will only loan money that they get at “0%” to the federal government and not to small businesses and then we all lose money on pensions because of the fraudulent securities sold. They forgot to transfer the paperwork to back the mortgage backed securities with mortgages that were sold 2-3 times. Banks make more on foreclosures than home owners paying-5-6 times through insurance from credit default swaps, then they get the property and special treatment (again tax fraud) from the IRS for REMIC. All without a dime invested because the money came from retirement accounts. WHERE WILL THIS END? Politicians are bought and paid for. Even if a bill of rights is passed, it will be gutted by the banks before it is ever started. Obama’s assistance to homeowners is a big joke-CA governor already has sights on stealing that money and they haven’t even funded the task force yet after 6 months since the president announced it. It is all about political sounds bites but no action. I am praying this country wakes up before everything is lost.

  4. Beth A. says:

    Bless this man’s soul and we shall keep his wife in our prayers. I hope she at least gets a bazillion dollars for this horrible deed. I’m so concerned because more and more of these stories are coming to light.

  5. DolleyMadison says:

    And yet noone has gone to jail…maybe one of the reporters covering Kim Kardashian could break away and ask John Stumpf how it feels to murder an innocent man.

  6. Wake Up America! says:

    The bank’s P.R. machines have done a masterful job. First, they convince the general public that it was the borrowers who crashed the market and subsequently, the economy. Then they inflame the folks who are current on their loans (but underwater because of the banks) by saying that deadbeat homeowners are getting a free ride or reduced rates. After that they turn to the lobbyists who work with their bought and paid for politicians to negotiate one of the largest and most cost effective get-out-of-jail-free cards in history – the national mortgage settlement. Then they use te media to spin the lies about the housing market improving and the backlog of foreclosures clearing.

    Meanwhile, robo-signing continues. Manufactured foreclosures continue. But to most people the crisis – if they even believed there was one – has past.

    There is an old expression that if there is a chicken on your table you’re not worried about world hunger. It is human nature. We reached the point of critical mass with foreclosures long ago. I am sad to say the banks – with the help of our government – have won.

    My heart aches for this widow.

  7. These kind of stories are happening all over, who wants to buy a house when you hear all of theses abuses by banksters? that is the question…..

  8. Pamela Edwards says:

    These type of things will continue to happen until alot of really innocent and good people are gone.Nobody knows the stress and heart break that follow something like this.My prayers are with the family may they have a speedy recovery.It’s just getting to be too much for alot of families to keep up with and this is a terrible end to come to.

  9. Peter Everts says:

    Perhaps more action, with pitchforks, torches, tar and feathers at the banks is what’s needed. Mobilize the mortgage holders to let the banksters know that they are accountable physically for the miscreants in their midst.

  10. this isn’t the first and will not be the last! And still no one gets it!! All of the programs have done more damage than good, because they don;t have too help you and they know it, stop making your payments, we can;t help until then, then can;t take a payment too late!! we looked for your payment have found nothing!! Bunch of lies! How sad for her and her families to go through this, and this lawsuit will take years, another wearing down of the average person! Thank God some attorney took her case! Of coarse suicide! would be hard pressed to consider that a minor situation!

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