Forged, Fabricated, Conterfitted Promisory Note? FOIA Release Names “Spy” Printers (Yellow Dots)

FOIA release names “spy” printers

You might want to think twice before you send an anonymous letter criticizing the government or its policies. It can be traced right back to you.

For years, machine identification code technology has been used by printer manufacturers to burn a printer’s serial number – using microscopic yellow dots — on each printed page. Though some printing companies have shared this information with the government, names have never been released — until recently.

The government, pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request by freelance journalist Theo Karantsalis, has released the names of 10 printer manufacturers that have “fulfilled or agreed to fulfill document identification requests submitted by the Secret Service.”

The companies listed on the release include: Canon, Brother, Casio, Sharp, HP, Konica-Minolta, Mita, Ricoh, and Xerox.

“Our privacy rights are eroding more and more each day,” said Karantsalis, whose original 2010 request was denied.

But the Secret Service relented after he filed an administrative appeal and threatened legal action. For years, Karantsalis studied the mysterious dots using a blue LED light he got from the San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Foundation, which published a tracking dot “decoding guide.”

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Decoding guide here…

Can this can also be used for detecting fabricated notes and allonges.


24 Responses to “Forged, Fabricated, Conterfitted Promisory Note? FOIA Release Names “Spy” Printers (Yellow Dots)”
  1. Anthony says:

    North Carolina
    Bank employee signed and witnessed a forged signature of mine and would not talk with the detective stating that she did not feel comfortable and she thought this would happen. Goldsboro police would not investigate the forged promissory note any further stating they did not believe it was my signature but did not have enough evidence.

    • Steve says:

      Happens to everyone. Beyond all the forgeries, which I also had, back in 2010 my loan application was missing from my copy of the Title closing docs and my District Attorney said not enough evidence.

  2. Sofia herbercia says:

    Citimortgage filed foreclosure case using Akerman in Miami, fla. as their attorneys. Both Citimortgage and Akerman were given a forensic report demonstrating that the promissory note was forged/fabricated/false. Report was filed with Florida attorney general and police dept. Nothing/nada has happened in my case. Akerman continues to press on with this foreclosure, they are relentless. I even wrote my congressional representative. Nobody cares, the banks rule this Country.

    • Sofia says:

      I agree with you 100%. Akerman lawyers know FULL WELL that the documents being used to forclose (Deed, Mortgage, Assignments, et al..) are FORGED AND ROBO SIGNED. AKERMAN’S Attornets don’t care about the truth. They have politicall conections and Florida Judges in their pockets.

      AKERMAN (SENTERFIT) Should be investigated….Yeah right, think in Florida iwth a governor who was investigated for Medicare fraud……never will happen.

  3. My foreclosure has a mortgage and a note with a different signature than my wife and I. I informed Citimortgage of this and even wrote the judge about it. Nobody gives a rats ass about it. THis is Florida after all. Home of the Banksters and the pretenderlenders.
    Thank you Pam Bamby for doing nothing about this……..Fla. Atty Grl and the Governor dont care either.

  4. carlos levy says:

    I need all the help I can get. Citimortgage attached a Forged Promissory Note to my foreclosure complaint. I need other samples like mine. If you have a CITIMORTGAGE FORGED NOTE
    I beg you to please email it to me ASAP. I will send you mine if you need it.
    Carlos Levy-Coral Gables, FL.

    PLEASE HELP US DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE LAWYERS who know these documents are forged and still insist in representing these banksters. I know that the Fla. Bar makes them come clean with the Judge but I have yet to see one single attorney do so. And the Florida Bar, PLease, it doesn’t pay to complaint.

    • Even if you spend a furtune with a forensic expert proving that the note and mortgage are forged. The lawyer for the bankster will simply take a voluntary dismissal (Thanks to the Pino Case and our Stinking Supreme Court decision.) and nothing happens. They can refile this case over and over again. Remember that other case where the 5 year statute of limitations went down the toilet. Thanks to Fla.5th district court of appeals.


  5. This could make for some great forensic evidence in the search to prove the fraud in court. You would need expert witness testimony regarding the dots, distinctions and point out the differences perhaps in the dot patterns on one sheet of paper versus another. Depositions are likely more cost effective than this route. Though this is very interesting stuff!

  6. Tim Bryant says:

    A simple UV (blacklight) will show you a lot about a document. You can see the differences in inks, watermarks on the paper (which many people are not aware of), and even if a note was written on top of the document (sometimes the impression is visible).

    • maggie passaro says:

      Wow, Tim, thats what I need is some one that has the QDE ability, Because the Document custodian / servicer of a private seller funded rael estate transaction, as it turns out , The 3rd party servicer , or Escrow agent , replaced the original NOTE with a photo copy , and tried to say I must have signed that paper in BLACK ink, when all else is in Blue , theres a lot more to it, but proving the Note is not original, has been a chore here in a small town . Thank you for the input about the UV light.

  7. JohnR says:

    Sooo… You need a list of all printers sold and who bought them for this to do any real good at proving the fraud… Unless.. Somehow the code contains the date the printer was put into service to prove the paper (whatever) could not have been timely written… Like an assignment or allonge. AND IF you could come up with a purchasers list THEN you could also show WHO did the printing… Which might go a long way towards actually prosecuting the forgers. Kinda sounds like a new tool for a mortgage auditing team to acquire… And IF it could be proven the docs were created AFTER the fact I would think this could be grounds enough to reopen or appeal a case on new found fraud allegations. It just gets better and better doesnt it? JohnR

    • Tim Bryant says:

      Questioned Document Examiners (QDEs) have been doing this for years. They can even tell what type of pen was used, and the exact type of ink.

      Forensic auditors, do not get into the actual provenance of a document. QDEs can also tell if other docs were attached at one time, if writing of text was added to a document, etc.

  8. maggie passaro says:

    The point is, that the dots tell you what time and what date the paper was printed. So if you signed a NOTE on 8-1-2012 at around 10 a.m. in a city in texas ( this is just an example ) and the NOTE that is being passed off as the ORIGINAL, but the coded yellow dots prove the paper was printed 8-2-2012 and 3 pm in California , then its a definate faked photo copy.
    in other words it’s not so much whether the dots are there or not, it’s WHAT the yellow dot code can disclose to you. I could use this to prove my allegations that a photo copy was switched for the original, by a document custodian / servicer….no bank involved , but got ripped off anyway.

  9. Steve says:

    Should see my fraud fraudulent promissory note. It looked like someone bumped the machine as it scribbled my first name. Totally obvious when compared to the one I received from the title co.

  10. JamesM says:

    Promissory notes are not commonly forged with color laser printers, but with a machine called a ‘Ghost Writer’ or similar which takes a real pen and re-draws the signatures using real ink.

    Still, if you are suspicious the micro yellow dots are something to look for, but I don’t think you will find them. The note forgery operations are aware of this flaw in some laser printers.

  11. ChrisYAHanWatcher4YAH says:

    Counterfeit ? The Rothschild’s Federal Reserve won’t tolerate Competition! They WANT all Usury for their Talmudic Satanic Selves

  12. A wakeup call!!! Hello nobody cares!! this is all for show!!! going on far too long!!

  13. if you can’t sign it one should not state it, government should use negative as well as positive as an investigative or learning tool! not a hammer for stating ones thoughts

  14. Well
    I’d say we should use this technology to prove some of these promissory notes were photoshopped when examining a purported origial note

    If its got those micro yellardots. It ain’t the real deal is it?

    • That doesn’t follow. An original note may have been printed by a laser printer before you signed it. Even a proper wet-ink note might have them.

      • neidermeyer says:

        The yellow dots are lost when the image is scanned (in grayscale) … They are most likely not present on most original notes anyway as color lasers cost per page is many times that of mono lasers… They are valuable though if perhaps a last page was re-printed with an endorsement and the other pages have no dots or some similar situation … it can also (if you have access to ORIGINAL DOCS) show that the same printer was used…

      • J. Alonzo says:

        How about, if say your loan was closed back in 2005 and their is some sort robo signing or added alonge going on. What if that paper was printed on a type printer or model that did niot even exist back then? That would be a real case closer.

      • neidermeyer says:

        You would need a real expert to testify… and that means $$$$$ the biggest problem and the easiest to spot is when docs are presented as originals … it is very easy to examine signatures and initials and determine if they were made by a pen or if they are a series of dots as you would get from a printer. Also the other problem that is hard to hide is if a single page was changed/altered … it’s hard to match papers exactly ,, different brightnesses , fiber lengths , quantity of recycled material.. that is also easy to spot with a simple microscope.

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