Whistleblower Who Couldn’t Be Intimidated By Citigroup Wins $31 Million

Woman Who Couldn’t Be Intimidated by Citigroup Wins $31 Million

Sherry Hunt never expected to be a senior manager at a Wall Street bank. She was a country girl, raised in rural Michigan by a dad who taught her to fish and a mom who showed her how to find wild mushrooms. She listened to Marty Robbins and Buck Owens on the radio and came to believe that God has a bigger plan, that everything happens for a reason.

She got married at 16 and didn’t go to college. After she had her first child at 17, she needed a job. A friend helped her find one in 1975, processing home loans at a small bank in Alaska. Over the next 30 years, Hunt moved up the ladder to mortgage-banking positions in Indiana, Minnesota and Missouri, Bloomberg Markets magazine reports in its July issue.

On her days off, when she wasn’t fishing with her husband, Jonathan, she rode her horse, Cody, in Wild West shows. She sometimes dressed up as the legendary cowgirl Annie Oakley, firing blanks from a vintage rifle to entertain an audience. She liked the mortgage business, liked that she was helping people buy houses.

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  1. What about the homeowners who have lost everything?? I am happy for her, I also know of a few who tried and were terminated or told to shut up! Making it look as though they didn;t know what they were talking about? Now we hear the appraisals were rigged and we are too get $1000, and then there was Countrywide 3000, which isn;t happening or the wrong persons are getting it, can we at least give it bgack too the state for our schools and police department, from where I sit anything with foreclosure/blight/homeowner help falls very short of helping anyone in need! the banks have refused to help so lets hear it from more persons like the whistle blowers who know they are all liars!!

    • lies is all they tell says:

      my thoughts exactly. we are the onec paying the price for these forged documants, fraudulent appraisals, predatory lending yet we are left out in the cold getting nothing. the foreclsoures should stop. al the banks are involved . make right which is wrong. but to continue to payoff the wistleblowers to keep quiet and not tell judges so cases can be adjucated correctly is beyond my thoughts. as i sit in my tampa bay florida home waiting for my case to be adjuctated it just makes me wonder. a mere almost 3 years ago i found the fraud in my mortgage paper work. all i got from naysayers were you cant prove anything. the judges will laugh at you , you have no proof of a fraudulent appraisal or that the broker didnt do income verification and basically lieing on my application. where is our payment for ruined credit and the stress this is causing. i have aged 10 years in 3. as i sit in my home pondering the fact that wells fargo lost every peice of paper work i sent wether faxed or fed exed but manage to ay my property taxes and insurance different dept did you say. and then told actually not to pay my mortgage ot apply for hamp which of course i was denied. yes the wistle blowers know their employers are liars. where are the home owners in this equation????

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