BANG | Officers Shoot Homeowner While Being Evicted from Foreclosed House

Officers shoot homeowner being evicted from foreclosed house

ST. ANN, Mo. ( — Police say officers were trying to serve an eviction notice when they shot the homeowner at a house in St. Ann on Wednesday.

Police said multiple officers went to serve the eviction notice at a home in the 10,000 block of St. Anthony Lane around 12 p.m., but the resident barricaded himself inside.

St. Ann police were called to the scene and tried to talk with the suspect, but he still would not come out.

Police said officers then began sending tear gas into the home. That’s when the suspect began firing shots at police.

Authorities said the St. Ann police chief returned fire, hitting the suspect in the elbow.

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5 Responses to “BANG | Officers Shoot Homeowner While Being Evicted from Foreclosed House”
  1. vicki gessell says:

    why is it when ever i put a comment on this web site they say its a duplicate of what i said before i guess this website doesnt want to let you really have your say either

    • To Tell The Truth says:

      Vicki, it happened to me couple times but it is not the site it ws my clicking 2x not realizing the first click already sent the comment.

  2. vicki gessell says:

    oh ya good old america land of the free its very sad we shouls make sure that no one in this country ever loses there home but instead we stab and kick people when they are down.crap rolls uphill who was really responsible whos orders were the plice following the banks mers so now were shooting poor people for them.And what will happen to the police who shot him. The writing is on the wall they will have some bogus investigation and they will probably arrest the poor guy who was shot trying to do what ever he could to protect all he had in the world because thats the way good old america works and this is probably the only place we will even here about it you know this wont be on the front page this will probably be the last we even here about it good old america what do we have to have a revolution

  3. Ron Moss says:

    Maybe they don’t know about MERS being inviolation yet

  4. rene Powers says:

    IT is time the country starts realizing what a botched system this eviction world of homeowners is! For this man to die defending his home, okay for those who say it is the banks home I say, “prove it!, and if the bank was a bail out bank they already got their money. The banks are killing our economy, our real estate market and our people!”, suicides are HIGH in the foreclosure world as are deaths from heart attacks and stress this mess has created. To those lucky enough to be in a bubble away from this crisis I also say, “do not belittle others like this man, do not put your chest out and feel better because you averted the crisis, feel lucky! Because even those who were not having trouble with mortgages or their title have been WRONGLY evicted and foreclosed upon! So, until you truly understand what is going on, do not judge or become mightier than though as you may be next! It keeps happening and our country is a mess! Many are out there stealing from others, stealing the basic element we should be allowed to have..a roof over our head. Time to “keep the roof” folks! This is horrific, surely the man should not have taken gun action, but his state of mind may have been what cracked under the embarrassment and pressure. So very sad!!

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