Deadly Clear | WHOA Wells Fargo – Hawaii Halts Those Horses!

WHOA Wells Fargo – Hawaii Halts Those Horses!

Honolulu’s DUBIN LAW FIRM has successfully halted 2 more Wells Fargo eviction actions in Hawaii. Hawaii neighbor island judges are catching on as the Dubin posse rounds up another load of bandits trying to drive off with the ol’ stagecoach.

Both of the WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A. as Trustee cases were originally OPTION ONE mortgages that appear to have fabricated assignments to securitized trusts well-after the trusts had closed.

Unlike revocable family trusts – securitized trusts are tax shelters (aka REMIC) for large volumes of investment money like state pension and retirement funds and are called static trusts meaning that whatever assets make up the trust MUST be sold, assigned, transferred to the trust on or before its closing date (with limited extensions – and a lot of paperwork). Even with extensions – attorneys say it is apparently unlawful to try to sneak the asset into the trust 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 years later.

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5 Responses to “Deadly Clear | WHOA Wells Fargo – Hawaii Halts Those Horses!”
  1. Lynn says:

    You can not beat these people. I have tried. I ended up shorting my home and now I find out they are missing the note. I have to go thru the OCC and lets see what they do The judges are ON their side!!! I am have also been screwed by Fildeity title company. I am appealing this one, but who has the money?? It is stress and stress

    • Kanaka says:

      you can, standby..jus a couple days ago this phillip-tehiva family just won there case against the bank, big news awesome victory…you gotta get he right guy with the right mine, the lawyers u use gotta have a long history check their back ground and how many suites they won this man Gary Victor Dubin is the man, of foreclosures every case he fought from the beginning ended in a WINNING battle for his lawfirm, sometimes its the heart you gotta aim for..

  2. john doe says:

    well wells fargo road off with mine who going to help me!I am in mn seems like the court system here are just as corrupt i hate this state

    • talktotennessee says:

      Thats just it, they are getting by with t he bogus loan docs it in most states! It think it was Sheila Bair that said there were more irregularities in the loans than originally believe. I suspect there is fraud in MOST of the loans, what do you think? Sadly most states are non-judicial states, which means they will foreclose on your without ever having to prove a blasted thing is correct in your loan!

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