Action Alert | Freddie Mac is Fast Tracking Deborah’s Eviction #OccupyHomesDC

Freddie Mac is Fast Tracking Deborah’s Eviction

Freddie Mac is accelerating their efforts to steal Deborah’s home. They have taken her back to court and are pushing for an immediate order for eviction.

At any moment, Freddie Mac can do the right thing and stop the eviction proceedings. During every step in the process, we need to remind them that there are people who care about this case and are willing to fight back.

As Deborah goes into court to fight for her home, we need to call Reggie Brandveen, Freddie Mac’s housing outreach manager, and tell him to stop the eviction and negotiate with her. We will be calling him all day to make sure he knows that we stand with Deborah.

Call Reggie right now at 703-903-2391. Send him an email here

“Hi, my name is _______ I’m calling to demand that you stop the eviction of Deborah Harris from her Washington DC home. Please tell your attorneys from the Atlantic Law Group to withdraw their motion to take possession of her home. We’ll keep fighting until you and your boss negotiate.”

The Team at Occupy Our Homes DC

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5 Responses to “Action Alert | Freddie Mac is Fast Tracking Deborah’s Eviction #OccupyHomesDC”
  1. Steve Honner says:

    Two wacky posts follow an appeal to save this Woman’s home. that’s nice. Call Freddie Mac, demand an end to their unfortunate decision.

  2. David Robert says:

    If any one knows this woman please tell her to get as far away from the electric meter as it is a digital and transmits an immense amount of microwave and radio-wave frequencies which can cause severe health issues. Add the fact that she is holding what appears to be a cell phone to her ear she might as well stick her head in a microwave oven.

    Dave Robert
    Forensic Auditing Services, LLC
    (888) 328-4877 ext #604

    • Steve Honner says:

      “Homeowners who are down on their luck continue to be the targets of unscrupulous white collar criminals who are using their desperation to swindle them out of their last couple hundred dollars”

  3. ChrisYAHanWatcher4YAH says:

    You’d Think these GREEDY BUGGERS could Just BE PATIENT? With the SMART METER and the E.M.F. / R.F.I. Radiations she’ll probably just succumb and Pass Soon anyway? May The CREATION SAVE U.S. from these Satanic Demoniacs? Pray?

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