Police Embracing Tech that Predicts Crimes Before they Occur

Police Embracing Tech that Predicts Crimes

New technology allows police to predict crime before it happens, but some agencies can’t afford the software.

(CNN) — For something that predicts the future, the software is deceptively simple looking.

A map of a city is marked up with small red squares, each indicating a 500-by-500-foot zone where crimes are likely to take place next. A heat-map mode shows even more precisely where cars may be stolen, houses robbed, people mugged.

The program is called PredPol, and it calculates its forecasts based on times and locations of previous crimes, combined with sociological information about criminal behavior and patterns. The technology has been beta tested in the Santa Cruz, California police department for the past year, and in an L.A. police precinct for the past six months, with promising results.

Predictive-analytics software is the latest piece of policing technology working its way into law-enforcement stations around the country, although it’s going up against tight budgets, bureaucracy and a culture still clinging to its analog ways.

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Now don’t any of you go getting arrested for a crime that you didn’t commit, yet…



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  1. Ron Moss says:

    The Banking Industry is a good place to test the theory.

  2. Pamela Edwards says:

    So now a soft ware program is going to add to the merriment.Wow this just defy’s all logic.Are our police such simpletons they can’t figure this out for thier selves based on statistics,demographical areas, and so forth?Before it is all said and done we will all be criminals.Now that a plan.

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