HSBC Executive Resigns During Senate Hearing

Europe’s biggest bank – HSBC – is being accused of laundering money for drugs cartels and rogue nations. The bank has apologised to the U.S. Senate Committee behind the investigation – one executive has already said he’s resigning. Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher reports.


3 Responses to “HSBC Executive Resigns During Senate Hearing”
  1. cheryl york says:

    They took my home I don’t even know how they become the lender of my home. My payment went from being 556.00 a month to 2200 and I had a fixed 30 year. I am a disabled VET with two children now I live in a rental. I have a bad credit score and could not even buy T.P. on a payment plan if I wanted to. Now I am being told that the house can not be sold because they do not know who owns it . I hope they all burn in hell. If I were to do what they have done to thousands of people I would get life in prison.Or death for treason.

  2. Jason Werner says:

    Those thugs sued me through some other strange-named company. They refused to produce any discovery.

  3. Fed up says:

    Resigning?????? Arrest the Cokk Sukr charge him with treason and then shoot him
    better yet put the rope around his neck and gonads and yank fast and hard.

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