6-Minute Pixar Video | How the 99% Finally See, End 1%’s Obvious Crimes

Pixar Animation Studios averages making more money per film than any other film studio. Perhaps the reason is people recognize and are attracted to powerful truths slightly veiled in allegories; as in this six-minute video.

A Bug’s Life (1998) is about two societies: one numerous slave society of ants and a small psychopath-led parasitic society of grasshoppers.

The movie opens showing the ants lost in routines of slavery and most literally dominated by fear to the extent they cannot/will not see what’s right in front of them. They are hostile to obvious-superior innovation of one ant that challenges them to think.

The grasshoppers use the ants to produce their food in psychopathic fashion: claiming to “protect” the ants and being “compassionate,” while openly brandishing violence to enforce obedience.

From one ant’s passion to create a brighter future, events develop whereby the ants plan resistance. When the plan fails and the psychopath leader orders public torture as a “lesson,” the ants finally see the gangsters as violent parasites, stand together, and drive the slave-masters away.

The act of standing instantly splits the 1%, isolating its leadership to capture.

Human beings in the 99% are the ants, of course. The 1%, and whatever occult powers drive them, are the psychopathic grasshoppers. When the 99% recognize the 1%’s psychopathy and crimes, stand, the 1% of humans will also split and abandon their “leaders” for arrest.

6-minute Pixar video: how the 99% finally see, end 1%’s obvious crimes was originally published on Washington’s Blog



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