Help Wanted | Part Time Attorney Needed – If you passed your boards with a D+, and you can sign your name, you possess all the credentials required for this job


From a recently posted Craigslist ad…

We are a collection agency/debt buyer. What we are looking for is a part time attorney to work for us as our corporate counsel, on our payroll, about 5 to 6 hours a week. This is a short term employment arrangement, no longer than 90 to 120 days.

Your job will be to sign pleadings, praecipe for entry of appearances, praecipe for writ of execution, and garnishment orders. Our paralegal will prepare all paperwork for your signature. This is very standard stuff for us.

If you are an attorney looking for challenging legal work, this is not for you. WE DO NOT NEED F LEE BAILEY- we are fee shopping. If you passed your boards with a D+, and you can sign your name, you possess all the credentials required for this job. If this opportunity interests you, please feel free to reply to this email with a brief description of who you are, when you got your law license, and what you will be needing from us in the way of compensation.

I wonder if this is a division of LPS?


9 Responses to “Help Wanted | Part Time Attorney Needed – If you passed your boards with a D+, and you can sign your name, you possess all the credentials required for this job”
  1. tonycat says:

    To Peter J. Pike and everyone: That’s the problem! The state Bars are not interested in the ethical practice of law, apparently, since there have been no comments or prosecutions. They should be jailed too!

    • Collene says:

      Our Attorney kept telling us we had a slam dunk case. With the preponderance of evidence I had in chronological order for him as well as not being in arrears when they sold our home and did not even send a Notice of Intent to Foreclose nor advertise it in the paper, it was definitely a case of FRAUD as well as an invalid contract according to UCC 3 – 305. After the Judgment was in and not based on the facts of law as well as ignoring the testimony of me, bank employee and an expert witness and proof they had no legal right to collect on this loan or foreclose. The attorney immediately said “sorry but I will need another $5,000 to continue” after we had paid $35,000 in 1 year in legal fees.When I filed a Notice of Appeal Pro Se the Judge refused as well as refused a number of other motions I filed. It makes me sick and I feel like we were given a life sentence. My husband lost his job while we were in the middle of the case and we filed a motion of Indigency to get the court records and the Judge asked the defendants attorney on speaker phone who said “NO”. I don’t imagine that is a legal procedure. How do these unethical banks, lawyers & Judges sleep at night? Our oldest son returned home from his 2nd deployment in Iraq to find the only home he ever knew was gone and we were homeless. Unbelievable for homeowners who had a perfect payment history on a loan that was never recorded!

  2. Collene says:

    Our Lawyer had all the work done for him by me. The preponderance of evidence was mind boggling and we paid over $35,000 in legal fees in 1 year and he jumped ship after the judgment was made in favor of the bank. We lost our home of 24 years and we were not in arrears. Our lawyer never even went to the Registry of Deeds there was so much info that I had and discovered for him. Its unbelievable how the banks attorney did not represent the bank and all lied under oath. The Judge made an unethical judgment not based on the facts of law. He then refused an Appeal. Too much to type!

    • Collene says:

      By the way we are residents of MA and our Attorney General sucks as well as the Division of Banks, FBI and Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation.

      • O Bloody Hell says:

        Sounds like the attorney general is good enough to rip YOU off.

        Remember this when you go to the polls, n’kay?

        And stop voting for the pro-more-government bastards.

        That includes republicans who “aren’t really.”

        This is what faith in government gets you.

      • Collene says:

        O Bloody Hell I hear ya it is so hard to trust anyone in office or with authority. I need to find a reporter to expose our story.

  3. Fed up says:

    I have been informed AG Pam Bondi is considering the position.

  4. 1ofthemany says:

    I would have to say that pretty much states it all in the ad.” if you can sign your name”. This is only one example why the American people are being so unduly prosecuted by low minded companies in the fraud business which is so prevalent today in the good ole “USA INC”. All of this pure nonsense is so unbelievable and insane. But I do have to remember we are dealing with the devil here.

  5. Peter J. Pike, Esq. says:

    The “lucky” applicant that gets the job will only have it for 90 – 120 days, because by then, (IMO) he will be disbarred!

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