DEBT BOMB – The Global Financial Crisis Stripped Bare (VIDEO)

Don’t worry, its safe…

A little risqué but an interesting watch…

Gold coins for pasties was a nice touch…


2 Responses to “DEBT BOMB – The Global Financial Crisis Stripped Bare (VIDEO)”
  1. John Anderson says:

    Well, I say let the debt bomb explode, maybe we’ll take a different path than the road were on, this rhyming story is funny and I hope it gets told, no matter how you play it you’ll be broke when your old.

  2. I disagree with the propaganda this music video is spreading. Since practically every country in the world owes money, then who is owed the money?

    Answer, it’s the billionaires and trillionaires for the most part.

    So, why should the entire world be held hostage by a handful of rich elitists who have so much money that they feel entitled to keep reinvesting it and then demanding the highest return and NO RISK.

    Screw all that. Debt Neutrality is the answer for both consumer debt AND country debt. The debt is not forgiven, but future interest rate charges, penalties and fees are forgiven for any and all entities that actually paydown their debt without borrowing the same or more new money.

    It’s really that simple.

    Stupid messages like the one in this music video actually obfuscate the simplicity of the solution. Thanks for sharing it however, as it an excellent example of someone who thought they were making a difference when what they are really doing is just putting fear and submission into the hearts of the masses.

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