12 Million Americans Are Sociopaths

Are The Inmates Running the Asylum?

We’ve extensively documented that sociopaths in D.C. and on Wall Street caused the financial crisis.

But we didn’t realize how many people are sociopaths.

Psychologist Martha Stout – who – clinical instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School for 25 years – estimates in her book The Sociopath Next Door that as many as 4% of the population are conscienceless sociopaths who have no empathy or affectionate feelings for humans or animals.

4% might not sound like much.

But – using the U.S. as an example, that means that 12 million Americans are sociopaths.

Because sociopaths are ruthless and will squash their rivals and burn institutions to the ground in order to reach their goals – but great at pretending that they care about people – they are incredibly destructive.

Sociopaths would have been discovered very quickly in a small group. But in huge societies like our’s, they can rise to positions of power and influence.

Unless we learn to spot “wolves in sheep’s clothing”, we will continue to fall prey to their scams.

Note: Other mental health experts put the percentage of sociopaths at 1-3% of the population, which is 39 million Americans.

12 Million Americans Are Sociopaths was originally published on Washington’s Blog



3 Responses to “12 Million Americans Are Sociopaths”
  1. Bobbi Swann says:

    Hahahahaha! the description sounds very much like it is decribing our current president and his rise to that position (along with all of the good work he has done for the benefit of people)….NOT!

  2. sergio de la cruz says:

    Sociopaths are also in the workplace. They are most likely your boss. Those having decision making powers over your professional future. They do not exercise their power on legitimate business reasons. They unreasonably scrutinize, stalk, mortify and torture those who in their sick minds see as a threat to them. This means if you are a promising and highly ethical employee and happen to be a minority most likely you’ll fall prey to your sociopath boss. My professional future has been stalled repeatedly by these sick individuals. They let you know that you are not welcome in their realm. The’ll make your life a living horror and then when they sense they are being caught, they “transfer” you under some other minority supervisor who sold its soul to the devil. This is routinely done to lay another smoke screen into any investigation. But complaining about discrimination and/or wrongful discharge against psychopaths is a waste of time. EEOC, the court system, legislators and other advocates routinely dismiss this complaints for the sole purpose to render qualifying quotas to government and that way get pay their perks by detracting lawsuits and misguiding discrimination on the job. This leaves victims further vulnerable at the hands of these psychotic monsters in the workplace.
    again, 25 years in my profession and like many others in my situation being raped out of our civil rights is a pain that leaves you numb, paralyzed and disturbed for years to come, if not forever. We must identify and remove these sickos from the workplace, the banks, government, society. Rehabilitate them if possible. Please do it if we are to survive this mess.

  3. Sarah Furgensen says:

    Sociopaths contribute to Washington’s Blog, or so it would appear. In typically venal fashion they accuse poor people for “getting over easy”, hope to abolish SS, medicare or any other program that provides base survival for so many people. Wall Street remains an indifferent monster: gain, hunt for and secure profit, nothing else matters.
    I find it ironic, that a leading voice on the “housing crisis” prefers to evaluate whether people are deserving of human rights, their ability to pay for these rights being all that matters, rather than being guranteed these basic needs. Have we descended to “your money or your life” in the USA?
    Like typical sociopaths, certain “investors” refuse to mention how much their Government ruthlessly supports their big industries, from defense contractors to prisons. Needless to say, the charming money men were vehemently against principle reduction because that would impact their derivative theft. Individual sociopaths can be healed, corporate sociopaths have seized our Government.

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