Arizona Homeowner | ‘Bank Stole My House’ After Loan Reinstated in Full

Moral to the story is DON’T give your money to the crooks…


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  1. Dear Fannie Mae and the rest of you who took our home,

    Our house isn’t just the address it sits upon at 234 E. Heather Ave Gilbert, AZ 85234, its more than that ya see, The story of OUR precious home starts with two people, Newlyweds, with the “American Dream” in their hearts as they search for that “just the right home” to spend the rest of their lives. They looked and looked and were quite picky I may add, they wanted not just a house to call their own but a place to raise a family someday. After looking at all those homes for months on end, they decided upon a little brick house built in 1980 in the “older section” of Gilbert, AZ. The Hubby was originally from Kansas and Missouri and raised in Iola, Ks to be exact, ahhh but the “wifey” was a proud born and raised Arizona native. She had always wanted to live in Gilbert, when she was younger Gilbert was the Affluent town and full of country living with friendly people that would wave to ya as you drove thru downtown. One of the only places in “modern” city life Arizona that still has only a couple of street lights and a “15-25” mph speed limit, strictly enforced she may add. When they found this home and this quite, friendly, seeming neighborhood, she beamed with excitement and wouldn’t stop bugging her newly married Husband that “This is the one”. They moved in officially in early February 1998 to start their new life together. Not many months after the right thing to do was get a dog to make them a family and she answered an ad in the paper of a little Shepard Retriever that had been found on the US 60 wandering around and was only a baby. Just 1-2 years old. OMG!! How sad she thought. So when she spoke to hubby he said” NO LONG HAIRED DOGS” and that was the important thing period to him. Well she hopped in her truck with her friend in tow and hit the pet store to stock up on treats and all the basic needs of the new four legged friend to have to welcome it to its new home.

    She didn’t know if it was a boy or girl just yet. When she arrived to see the dog, She was told they named her Missy, Missy White Paws due to the tips of her toes. She was locked in a crate and hiding, yet when the wife bent down and opened the crate “Missy” “army crawled” out to her and instantly showed that “once again….”This is the one”. OOPS a long hair she was, but wifey didn’t care, when fate happens you have to go with it. So home they went. Hubby wasn’t happy at first and Missy was more than a handful let me tell you, obviously due to the bad hand she was dealt the year before this family got her and the love she now knew, she couldn’t stand when “her people” were away and made the neighbors behind them annoyed not to mention several occasions decided to eat house and home, no joke. To the point, one day wifey came home and Missy had ate the arm off the brand new couch, she scooped Missy up and ran away to her Best Friend Charity’s house to hide, until Hubby promised not to hurt missy or get rid of her. The promise he made and kept and after getting Missy on Meds, all was well in our new home. She became the first child and spoiled just like one would be. A few years later it was time to start a “human” family and in April 2000, a little girl was born. No only was Missy the glue that held together a new family, this little miracle was even more so. See that couple tried for two years to make this little girl and just when they thought they were to be “pet parents only” forever, God answered their prayers. So as this beauty grew, she not only did all of her firsts in this home, but across the street at the neighbors, Whom they refer to as “Papa D and Gramma P” is where she took her first steps in his driveway, I mean actual walking steps. She took her first swim in the pool in the backyard, she went potty for the first time like a big girl in HER bathroom in the hall. She has pictures and videos of all of her firsts in THAT house as well as many of her cousins and family members. This house was also known in the neighborhood, as the home for wayward children and people. Anytime, anyone needed a place to hang their head in tough times, THIS IS THE HO– USE it happened. This is the home we lived when I (wifey) donated my kidney across the US in Florida to a perfect stranger in the middle of our court battle, fighting to save our home from being taken from us.

    This was the house where the door was always open to a friend in need. Our home is and was to us a warm bed that you can’t get out of in the morning, a tiny pink toothbrush in the bathroom, and the sound of my husband’s key in the door at the end of the day, the familiar sound of the jeep or motorcycle that the dogs new so well. The final resting place of our Beloved Missy, who loved to steal the vine ripen and only RED tomatoes off the plants in the backyard, so she was laid to rest in that very garden she loved so much, 11 years after she became our very first child. The place where right next to her is one of our “wayward children” little gizmo a Chiquaqua I found at a circle k on my way home from work, that the clerk actually kicked across the parking lot out the front door, all because it was over 115 outside and he just wanted to cool off. We need, want and miss our home, a place where we once thought of the word home as where we had grown up, yet we learned its where our family did. Houses get bought and sold; a home stays with you always. Comfort. Security. Favorite family memories. A place for sleepovers. A place of refuge a place all yours. This was something as a child I never had. I (the wifey) had moved well over twenty plus places, I could point em all out across the valley. My hubby on the other hand had three. This home was the first stability I ever had and now its gone and I will not stop fighting for it as this new life we are now living of uncertainty is not the life I wish upon ANYONE! The loss of our home was, is and remains devastating to say the least.

    Not only do I cry, my little girl and hubby cries, our friends cry for and with us and even our dogs we have now, one Missy’s old friend, Gramma Sam and the others born their in the very rooms between those cement and stucco walls cry in their own way. They too don’t understand why were not there. See, Our Fraud, deception, criminal activity actually goes back to the day we bought this, our first home, way back in 1997 and it is now all so obvious its makes me cry a lot. Yet I get back up and fight. I have sent letters to President Obama, Senator John McCain, Senator Russell, Senator Kyle, The Office of Thrift and Supervision, FTC, HUD, Fannie Mae, Aurora Loan Services, Mayor of Gilbert, AZ, News Station, Gov. Jan Brewer of AZ, The Arizona Attorney General Office, YOU NAME IT, EVERYONE Knows my name I bet ;0) . I have sent one there. Go ahead Google my name you will be in for a treat. I am known like a thorn in everyone involved sides as the prickliest of thorns, I was literally finally told, that when I call the screen flashes and they are told not to talk to me. YES SERIOUSLY….. All the way up the ladder’s of Fannie Mae, Lehman Brothers , etc.…. think big,,,, I been there, called there, wrote there ..SOMETHING there…I have filed all appropriate documents including a complaint to the Office of Thrift and Supervision, Congress, FBI, I wrote the Oversight Committee and got a nice response actually, you get the idea Sir/Ma’am. All of which my complaints have never been answered with the exception of Sen. John McCain and The Arizona Ag’s Office, as well as the Mayor Of my hometown of Gilbert, Mayor Lewis. Or if they are it’s a I cant help, or when they do,, ALS responds and even though the answers are plain, bold face lies that I already sent the supporting documents to the requester of help I had seeked, they seem to allow it to continue, send me what they received and say “Well see we helped… vote for us next election or, Hey we sent a letter what do ya want sorry, etc. etc.” Its ok .. Again I am use to it. Yet I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!

    We go to our courts and our government for help in matters such as when the laws are meant to hold banks accountable for their fraudulent and illegal activity. In Arizona it seems some of our Maricopa County Superior Court Judges are seemingly, more interested in punishing those who didn’t break any laws, namely homeowners, instead of punishing the banks who blatantly break the laws, create fraudulent documents, try to illegally foreclose, and then lie about it. Including that “You don’t get a lawyer your going to loose” as we were told at our last hearing, yet the previous hearing he praised our good faith and hindered the Defendants Council on their breach of contract and bad practices etc. So needless to say we were stumped.

    There is a quote my mom and others piece by piece instilled in me that I always turn to when I am about to loose it, and that is “See the light that exists inside you and freely, willingly shine that light on the world. You never know the impact you can make on another persons life. You may never know if you made a difference yet keep shining anyway. Sometimes the best rewards are no rewards at all…and the very fact that One person can change the course of history. Yet always remember thru it all, its always YOU, that is that ONE person first and foremost!” I know that Everybody in this life has their challenges and difficulties. That is part of our mortal test. The reason for some of these trials cannot be readily understood except on the basis of faith and hope because there is often a larger purpose which we do not always understand. Peace comes through hope. Were suppose to see each other through the best of times and the worst of times, and this is our worst of times.

    We want our home, we never wanted to leave it, nor did we EVER ONCE say we would not pay for it. We had been there well over a decade and always paid 1 to 4 hundred more each month on principal the entire time, until the economy tanked and we needed help and then the nightmare for the last three years ensued and YOU NOR ANY OF THE BANKS INVOLVED would help, all it boiled down to was to take our home and we were just plain old deadbeats whom wanted a free house.We just want our house and help with payments we can handle until the job market returns, that’s all we ever wanted and the fact of our title being correct and fair and legal so someday IF we did sell, it wouldn’t be clouded. That’s all we have ever wanted, if anyone even cares.


    The Misenhelter Family Of Arizona

  2. charley rice says:

    A typical mortgage case of servicer FRAUD they stole the assets.
    It proves that this wasn’t the Subprime lender, and the courts are part of the games as well.
    The man should have done a land patent and a title search with that money to protect himself from these CROOKS.

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