CNBC vs Eliot Spitzer | Check Out How CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo Treated Eliot Spitzer for Calling Former AIG CEO Hank Greenberg a Fraud

Check out how CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo treated Eliot Spitzer two days after the Krugman interview.

Bartiromo is offended that Spitzer says former AIG CEO Hank Greenberg committed fraud.

At one point, Bartiromo wags her pen at Spitzer and actually says this, “Some people say that the collapse of AIG lays at your feet, because if Hank Greenberg were there he would not have allowed some of that craziness and that risk being taken on,” in a way that makes it clear that she is one of those “some people.” Those “some people” would be The Wall Street Journal editorial page, naturally, and the idea’s insane.

The next minute she’s yelling at Spitzer, saying, “You can’t say ‘fraudulent’ because there is no indictment, you can’t just throw around the word fraud.”


You can also watch Eliot respond on his show following the CNBC interview…


10 Responses to “CNBC vs Eliot Spitzer | Check Out How CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo Treated Eliot Spitzer for Calling Former AIG CEO Hank Greenberg a Fraud”
  1. stripes says: suggestions somehow ended up below…sorry.

  2. stripes says:

    I just want to add to my above comment that I just caught the end of an interview on Lou Dobb’s tonight on FOX Business. Lou’s guest said these plans have been over a century in the making and Obama is just the vehicle they used to carry out this plan. That proves to me that no politician is going to correct these problems, only WE THE PEOPLE CAN by the suggestions above for starters. Everyone can now see this plan has been in the works for a long time and both parties contributed to where we are today. I don’t care for Obama though, he has done too many sneaky things and he lies alot. I am writing in Eliot Spitzer because that is MY CHOICE..not theirs.

  3. stripes says:

    Anyone see the movie Tower Heist yet? If you have, you will know, it is time to storm the castle. The people’s money and property were entrusted with politicians who are traitors. We need a referendum on the 2012 ballot to restore the U.S. CONSTITUTION, and issue our own currency via State Banks, vote out the traitors starting at the local level on up and replace them with all of us. Sue the FED.

  4. Sharon says:

    Wow! I really like Eliot Spitzer for taking a stand. He is a dynamic leader and a hero in my mind. Tell it like it is Eliot, you do it so eloquently that you make an impact where ever you speak.

    I dare say this might be this woman’s career. She was caught shilling for her paymasters. I don’t know who you are Ms. Bartiromo but you are exactly the kind of person that is taking our country down. Shame on you Ms. Bartiromo.

  5. stripes says:

    They are still lying through their teeth. Condaleeza Rice was just interviewed on Bloomberg News. She said the American People need to be told THEY spent too much money. Ha…That is a bold faced lie. The American People had no problem paying their bills until the FED machine crapped out after they exponentionally OVERSOLD INVESTMENTS in all of THEIR DEBT around the world via their perps on Wall Street. The crooks created a quadrillion dollars in derivatives fraud with our signatures thanks to the Politicians. They never paid back the U.S. TREASURY DEPT. the Original Loan before they sold those investments. That is fraud. All of their debt is fraud they committed with our signatures. They are crooks. Sue the FED.

  6. Fury says:

    in her past, maria bartiromo came under fire for conflict-of-interest
    because of her relationship with a senior executive for citigroup.

    now she is married to the son of investor and corporate raider saul steinberg.

    her husband is the CEO of a mutual fund

    maria will always stick up for big banks.
    she is not an impartial reporter.

  7. ken says:

    CNBC is the Rick Santelli/GE network. Zip credibility, even when they allowed an occassional rant from a so-called progressive. Most talking heads blow hot wind and divert attention away from Wall Street’s feudal death grip on American society. Entertainment only, not useful information. Diana Orlick, Santelli, Kramer, Orman, etc. Sure, they can be pleasant to watch but they serve as promotional pitch men and women while the middle class burns in ruin. The network is a televised psychiatric drug, for people who want good makeup, and the vacousness of blissful ignorance. “GE, we profit from fraudclosures, predatory lending, and war, which is why we brought our network to light”

  8. js says:

    Certainly Maria isn’t as stupid as she appears here, which makes me wonder what her motives are for defending a crook like Hank Greenberg.

  9. stripes says:

    Ms.Bartiromo is a liar. Eliot Spitzer for President 2012.

  10. Jason Werner says:

    Wow. Great piece. I am most impressed that it was Warren Buffett whom blew the whistle to him about AIG’s fraud.

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