Black Report: Majority of Wall St. Money Now Goes to Romney (VIDEO)

Bill Black: Even though many on Wall St. understand need for regulation, most want a free-for-all and damn the consequences.


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  1. stripes says:

    What Obama and others DO NOT want the people to realize is RE-SOCIALIZING INSOLVENT DEBT destroys the wealth of the people and the nation. We need working capital to create new wealth. We also need to privatize ourselves from greedy investors.

    • stripes says:

      We need a referendum on the 2012 ballot to restore the Constitution, issue our own currency via state banks and privatize our wealth away from Wall Street. We the People need to sue the FED…..the private bank who robbed us.

      • stripes says:

        We need a referendum on the 2012 ballot and vote to abolish OBAMACARE. It is another investment ponzi scheme for the rich.

  2. stripes says:

    Obamacare is just Marxist Socialism in disguise. It is another set up to fail ponzi scheme for Wall Street to oversell to investors. Obama wants THE PEOPLE TO BELIEVE his failures are accomplishments. His idea of HOPE and CHANGE is COMPLETE CONTROL of US. The way he “accomplishes” HOPE and CHANGE is quite deceptive. He uses the memes of helping the people as a disguise to WEAKEN US…..when in reality he is re-socializing INSOLVENT DEBT. HAMP, REFIS, FRAUDCLOSURE CREATING A NATION OF RENTERS, THE ONGOING BAILOUTS, FED MONETARY POLICY, is in reality…RE-SOCIALIZING INSOLVENT DEBT. So is increased taxation, inflation caused by Wall Street that is causing deflation of the currency by the FED. RE-SOCIALISM OF INSOLVENT DEBT keeps the ponzi scheme going for investors and weakens the people. The problem is too many investors both foreign and domestic in everything WE THE PEOPLE PAY FOR AND OWN…. and not enough COLLATERAL to back up those sales…. It is a deceptive and evil plan.

  3. stripes says:

    Did GM write a check to Treasury for $55 billion dollars? If so, we the people want to borrow that money right from Treasury Direct… the same interest rate GM borrowed at. The Treasury can make an ACH automated clearinghouse deposit right into our bank accounts for whatever we need…If we lose it, we don’t have to pay it back via FED monetary policy.

    • stripes says:

      People should really look into if their employers were insured against their employees risky retirement accounts with CDS insurance. Were they hedging their employees risks, did they have margin accounts in regards to these funds? There was a lot of shady stuff and INSIDER TRADING going on in regards to these risky investments. BLOOMBERG NEWS reported today that Mary Shapiro of the SEC got a going away present from Wall Street. They gave her millions of dollars as a bonus.

      I don’t believe for a minute these Corps didn’t know of the risks involved with their employees pension funds being gambled with on Wall Street. I believe they knew and they all capitalized on these risks exponentially.

  4. stripes says:

    I disagree with your assessment of Obamacare…it is a coverup for fraud…the microchip (complete communism) and it is a FORCED fraudulently induced tax…The TBTF bailouts are still occurring via FED monetary policy..the GSE’s are still stealing billions from the TREASURY. .I see no evidence GM paid the Treasury back any money. All I see is greed.

    • stripes says:

      The above comment is @acmodspecialist..

    • stripes says:

      CNBC ‘s Kudlow report tonight said GM was borrowed $80 billion dollars from U.S. TAXPAYERS and they paid back $55 billion of it…..paid back to whom they did not say. They still owe the U.S. TAXPAYERS $25 billion. That is a $70,000.00 check to every American.

      • stripes says:


        Could that be the answer to the question of where the TBTF bailout money is going? The Treasury is reinvesting our wealth back into the TBTF CORP…?



  5. stripes says:

    Funny how Obamas biggest failures are being touted as his great accomplishments at the DNC. The ongoing bailouts of the so called TBTF failed institutions, the bailout of GM, and OBAMACARE. Who is paying for these failures…..? Everyone is…..However, those who have lost everything or, are on the verge of it, are just the beginning of many more failures to come. The Complete failure of Socialism is going to end up in Complete Communism under this Marxist ideology. So while the GM employees and other public sector workers collect their comfortable pensions, the rest of us will pay for it with everything we worked our entire lives. Then, when we can’t pay anymore it will be Complete Communism or die.

  6. stripes says:

    Catholic nun speaking at the DNC freak show on behalf of this ideology that flies in the face of the U.S. CONSTITUTION and Catholic Church doctrine just finalized my decision….I reject (Satan) the Catholic Church under this commie regime.

    • stripes says:

      Sorry, but I do not want my brother, big brother, the Catholic Church or anyone else to take care of me with my wealth. That is the road to complete communism and that is why we are here. Socialism is historically a failed policy that leads to the destruction of nations and is a failed policy here in America. Too many greedy people have used the American peoples wealth to enrich themselves exponentially with no regard for the fate of the American people. That is why Nationalized healthcare will fail like all other socialist programs. OBAMACARE is another sneaky way to rob and control the American people with more fraudulent investment scams, etc…they will be gambling on who will live and who will die and more horrors.

  7. stripes says:

    “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples money.” – Margaret Thatcher Other interesting quotes from Ms. Thatcher:

  8. stripes says:

    CNBC reporting Rahm Emanuel quits Obama campaign to raise SUPERPAC FUNDS to compete with the Romney campaign.

  9. stripes says:

    GLOBALIZATION is a scam and a fraud that only benefits the rich. It was a PROGRESSIVE scam used by the elite via their political perps to flatten the U.S. ECONOMY. GLOBALIZATION is a scam that spread OUR WEALTH around the globe and NAFTA was part of the scam to ship our livelihoods overseas.

  10. stripes says:

    Good article by Matt Taibi…Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital

  11. stripes says:

    I am writing in Eliot Spitzer. The electoral college appoints their puppet. I have no faith in either of their so called candidates.

  12. Mystify says:

    Bravo stripes! A vote for Romney is a vote for the banksters, just vote Obama to keep the status quo and at least he keeps the programs we need to survive. We don’t want to lose the middle class any more than we already have that is romneys agenda!

  13. stripes says:

    Good interview from truth…John Cusack Interviews Law Professor Jonathon Turley About Obama Administration’s War on the Constitution :

    • stripes says:

      Go to the link and read posted above and read the interview. The framers of the U.S. CONSTITUTION rejected the “trust me” doctrine. This is the doctrine of both parties. Reagan warned …Do not, trust verify, if you cannot verify, do not trust. 1000 bankers went to prison for the S&L CRISIS that happened under Reagan’s watch. Eliot Spitzer is the only person to go after any of the Wall Street big fish. We need a President who will restore the rule of law in America. That’s why I like Eliot Spitzer 2012.

  14. stripes says:

    Their entire financial crisis is a fraud. See the video…the elite want electronic wealth and the microchip for all of us and they want to steal and seize everything of value… all of our asserts for themselves. The microchip is hidden in page 1000 if obamacare..the medical device registry.
    See the video entitled John B. Wells…Chinese Espionage/America on the Verge of Financial Armegeddon:

  15. stripes says:

    The elite controls our monetary system, the regulators, the politicians and every entity and everything by hijacking and fraud. It is all ELECTRONIC WEALTH…and ALGORITHMS….FAKERY and FRAUD……A SCAM. We need a referendum on the 2012 ballot to restore the U.S. CONSTITUTION and issue our own currency ….U.S. BANK NOTES issued via State Banks and abolish the FED/World Bank. WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT OWE THE FED ANY MONEY. However, the FED, owes the AMERICAN PEOPLES TRUST….THE U.S. TREASURY…..GAZILLIONS IN ORIGINATION FRAUD….WE THE PEOPLE pay for everything UPFRONT at the ORIGINATION FRAUD.

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