Lee Camp | Are We In The Middle Of The Zombie Apocalypse?!

Look around you. Are there zombies? Are there vampires? If you answered yes, then maybe you don’t need to watch this video. If you answered no, then I’m about to change your mind. …or eat it. [more at LeeCamp.net]



3 Responses to “Lee Camp | Are We In The Middle Of The Zombie Apocalypse?!”
  1. kpb says:

    As soon as I stopped watching this video I began eating myself. No Shit. I am so exhausted from the condition of this society, I ate my foot, up to my ankle bone. I will finish the rest in the days ahead [unless and until I get gangrene]

    Goodbye Cruel World.

  2. stripes says:

    We certainly are all being reduced to microchipped debt slaves because of the Zombie Gov Corp apocolypse …. my comment below was a comment on why millions of Americans don’t have bank accounts. Because the FED is no more than a giant credit scam that only benefits the rich..

  3. stripes says:

    Of course they don’t….the crooks stole all of their wealth. The Corp Gov ….THE POLITICIANS via the FED crooks and progressive taxation, fully intend to rob the American People into bankruptcy and complete submission to complete communism. The movie Obama 2016 stated next term, Obama plans on taxing 100% of our income. That is Complete Communism. I think we are almost there, when you consider, OBAMACARE is another tax… they steal or seize anything they want whenever they want to shut you down .. Nearly every bit of their paper monopoly money is spent on their monopoly board and going in their pockets. That is why they want no private anything…..no private business, no private wealth,no private property, no private healthcare. People still using their credit just don’t feel it as much. It is the FED fiat currency that is the problem. It is not a monetary system…it is a microchipped credit based system…it only benefits those at the top of their pyramid scheme and robs everyone else to sustain it. We need our own currency……U.S. BANK NOTES…OUR OWN PRIVATE BANKS…ABOLISH FED TYRANNY AND OPPRESSION…IT IS ALL MANUFACTURED. THEY ARE GREEDY CONTROL FREAKS.

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