Wells Fargo Sets Foreclosure Date for Terminally Ill Cancer Patient Cindi Davis, 6 Days Before Chrismas

Wells Fargo sets foreclosure date for cancer patient

It’s not an unexpected turn of events, but it is odd. Just two weeks ago Wells Fargo sent News Channel 36 anchor Bill McGinty an email saying, “Our thoughts are with Mrs. Davis during her courageous battle with cancer. It is important to note that her mortgage loan has not been foreclosed, nor has she been asked to leave her home. Wells Fargo works hard to help our customers maintain homeownership whenever possible and we view foreclosure as a last resort. As part of our continuing efforts to work with the Davis family, we have reached out to nonprofit organizations that might be able to offer assistance.”



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  1. amadaluz says:

    I am so sorry to hear this. Non Profit is the next safe heaven for “bank owned -short sale -loan mod- foreclosures” scam.
    In my case I received a phone call late at night banck in Feb 2011 from Pamela Thorsh from Rebuilding together-non profit- She told me with an angry voice to leave my property at once , to vacate my property and to collect $3,000.00 for my next life chapter and that Mr. Mike Dickey from Hope dba Community Housing-was going to hand over to me in exchange of my house keys, but when I told him that I wanted to SEE HOW he had my promissory note and not Wells Fargo Bank?he could not produce legal documents that wanted me to sign a quit claim deed! , they got offended and began telling me that I was crazy, that robo signer did not exist, that my house was not in the mortgage fraud and that I was paranoid, all these happened in Feb 2011 and the following month March 2011, the Chula Vista PD sent some “officers” to my house early in the morning and they were jumping my property wall in order to get inside! since I did not “obey” and did not abandon my home a surprised visit to my house along with Susan from the Sheriff Department! outrageous! these guys were trying to jump the wall of my house in order to get inside the property! they came to my house to tell me this: “DO NOT SPEAK ABOUT THE MORTGAGE FRAUD or face the consequences” I did not let them inside my home and they left after a 25 minutes of trying to force their way inside my home, but since they did not show me proper id they felt very nervous when I demand to see it! later a CVPD-LT called me to scare me by telling me that the Mental Unit (I found out later that these stranger were from Chula Vista and San Diego mental unit) was going to come to my house again; and my response was: I KNOW MY RIGHTS and if you are so nice to help us with mental help after what has happens to us, after the initial shock to discover how a person of trust (REAL ESTATE)deceive us and use our identity to steal money from the banks and changed our credit history and puts our home in jeopardy and underwater, this is an ugly financial crime. I proceed to tell LT.Blemmings : “I have the right to call Fr. Muro and asked him to be here with me when you arrive here at my home but also 300 homeowners will be here expecting the same help emotionally-spiritually because in our Church, I am not the only one saying “this thing” about our “mortgage fraud” a lot of families are being destroyed or are committing murder suicide because of the greed of certain CA Brokers, I have taken my children and myself to therapy already since December 2010 with an excellent counselor from the Diocese of San Diego because when the mortgage FRAUD was discovered,I called my Church right away to began a prayer group for this country and all the crooks, so I am not going to be alone when you arrive here in front of my home where I lived with my children! and you are scaring my children with this phone call and your threat of committing me to a mental unit…I am not scare of you , I KNOW MY RIGHTS, I Will continue to help other home owners as-well”…he got quite and said: WELL, I SEE YOU ARE LUCID, this is what we will do, We are not going to bother you unless you call us, he repeated the same sentence and I said..ok fair enough…what else could I say?” chula vista police chief Bejarano not only a chief of police but has a Bank in the city? conflict of interest?..Vibra Bank…..,,,I feel so upset that this game is going on for so long..stealing homes from home owners with forge documents!God help us all.



  2. Fed Up says:

    Wells Fargo sent News Channel 36 anchor Bill McGinty an email saying…. WE DIDN’T FORECLOSE YET BUT WE ARE WORKING ON IT.

  3. Jason Werner says:

    WFC is committing an act of terror with their harassing black mail.

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