Florida Man Pleads Guilty to Fabricating Thousands of Foreclosure Inspection Reports, Faces Up to 20 Years in Prison

Spring Hill man pleads guilty to fabricating thousands of foreclosure inspection reports

TAMPA — As the housing market imploded, Dean Counce’s business boomed.

Counce’s Brooksville company contracted with lenders to regularly inspect properties in foreclosure throughout the state. By 2009, Counce was sending as many as 100,000 inspection reports each month to Bank of America, receiving about $6.50 for each. Bank of America then billed the federal entities that owned or insured the mortgages.

At one point, Counce was making as much as $1 million per month.

The problem: Half of those reports were fabricated. Now, investigators say, Counce owes taxpayers more than $12 million and faces up to 20 years in prison.

On Friday, the 42-year-old Spring Hill resident pleaded guilty in federal court to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. His sentencing date has yet to be set.

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6 Responses to “Florida Man Pleads Guilty to Fabricating Thousands of Foreclosure Inspection Reports, Faces Up to 20 Years in Prison”
  1. John Anderson says:

    Sure this guy is scum, but the banks are the big crooks. I wonder what reason they sacrificed him for? I mean the way the prosecutors turn the blind eye to all foreclosure crime, and this just draws attention, so there must be a reason.

  2. Laura says:

    Don’t you think the lenders-servicers have any responsibility? Shouldn’t they figure out you can’t really inspect a property for $6.50?

  3. Wake Up America! says:

    This is fraud and this scumbag deserves a nice long sentence; however, he is a little fish who was making $6.50 off each property. The big fish who are charging homeowners $200-250 for each “inspection” are the real criminals.

  4. Bobbi Swann says:

    @ J Alonzo – LOL! On the other side if you read all the comments posted from this article you see the disgust of the posters how they (taxpayers) are taking the hit on this fraud by this person, but guess it doesn’t bother them much all the fraud commited by the banks and yet TARP, who bailed them out, is paid by the very same taxpayer!!! Idiots and embiciles….

  5. VicHentz says:

    I wonder who ratted him out. You just know the hit came from a disgruntled underling.The banksters weren’t about to point the finger of suspicion at anyone else and scream lawbreaker!

  6. J. Alonzo says:

    My, my how fast we move when when a Sheeple steals, yet the Banksters are never ever touched.
    Let him go, dont worry will just print more.

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