Propaganda | AIG’s Story – A Promise Made, A Promise Kept (VIDEO)

AIG would like to provide an update to our story. This is the story about how we kept our promise to the American taxpayers. AIG is one of the world’s leading insurance companies, serving over 88 million clients in more than 130 countries and jurisdictions. See the factsfor yourself. AIG is proud to be keeping its promise.

Now, repeat after me. I believe, I believe, I believe…


3 Responses to “Propaganda | AIG’s Story – A Promise Made, A Promise Kept (VIDEO)”
  1. mike niemi says:

    AIG took $95 a month from me for three years and kept perpetrating the fraud in Utahs 3rd District Court. Judge C. Dennis Frederick had the documents of two PMIs of which I was not made aware of the amount of payment nor that MGIC was another. He looked at two collection letters and refused my Summary Judgement. I hope Judge fredericks name is spread across the country as a go along judge to AIG.

  2. Jason Werner says:

    That video is a lie on steroids. Furthermore, that criminal enterprise is exactly that – a criminal enterprise and must be closed immediately, so help me God.

  3. Laura says:

    Has anyone ever played the video game Feeding Frenzy? The fish gets a magic token which freezes everthing in the ocean so the fish can devour everything in site. That’s what the past 4 years have been for Tarp recipients.

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