George Mantor | The 47% and Those Who Love Them Anyway

The 47% and Those Who Love Them Anyway

Whiners? You dare to call us whiners? Just because we need food, want a roof over our heads and not to go bankrupt if we get poisoned by big agra, injured on the job or wounded by one of your 1.25 billion hollow points?

You’ll spend every dime we’ll ever earn to protect us from a bogey man who doesn’t exist, but you are irritated at us for not being willing to starve, freeze, or bleed to death in the gutter.

Who says we feel entitled? You? Who the hell are you? A rich kid who got richer screwing people? We earned it. We deserve it, and the country isn’t broke because we provide to high a standard of living for poor people or because people won’t take personal responsibility. America is an extremely wealthy nation. We can easily afford decent food, safe shelter, and adequate health care, and could turn a tidy profit doing it.

What else is there? Why can’t a fabulously wealthy nation like America make sure everybody has that at minimum? No one falls below that level. Decent shelter, good food, and access to health care.

The country is going broke transferring all of its wealth to bankstas—your friends on Wall Street.

How did the rest of us get sold on the idea that half the nation should suffer so a few thousand people will get way, way more than they will ever need? How is that better? Just so we don’t get a label like socialist or communist. And, if that’s what I am, then so be it. This way isn’t working.

Health Care

It’s no secret that America has a health care crisis. More money per person is spent on health care in the USA than in any other nation in the world, and a greater percentage of total income is spent on health care in the USA than in any United Nations member except for East Timor.

Yet, The Commonwealth Fund ranked the United States last in the quality of health care among similar countries, and notes that the USA is the “only wealthy, industrialized nation that does not ensure that all citizens have coverage.”

Half of all personal bankruptcies are caused by medical expenses.

It isn’t because the actual health care is so expensive; it’s due in large part to America’s diet. We are riddled with maladies rarely seen, directly related to the food we eat and the way we treat our bodies.

Compare an elementary school class photo taken in the forties and one taken today. You’ll note a distinct difference in body types. Most of the kids in the forties, fifties, and sixties were skinny.

Then our diets began to change as more processed food was consumed. The high fructose corn syrup in large sugary drinks is a health epidemic.


I want my taxes to be used to improve the quality, safety, and distribution of more raw organic food. It is being used instead to limit the above so we will consume less healthful food. Sad, ironic, and disturbing.

In California, we are waging an enormous battle with big agra just because we think we have a right to know what is in our food.


Even rich people like Mittsta should want everyone to have a home to go to. You can really jack the finely tuned suspension of a Bugatti Veyron running over those people sleeping in the streets.

In my America, there would be the opportunity for any responsible wage earner to own where they live. All these investment groups buying up blocks of foreclosed homes are about to learn what every attempt at concentrations of rental housing always prove; communities are much better off when residents have a stake in where they live.

Mittstas version involves continuing the expensive expansion of the prison industrial complex and FEMA camps.


Many of the 47% would be paying taxes if they had jobs. You love America. You want America to be great again? Create some jobs. That is what we expect you to do, and if you are such a financial whiz, why do you need to be President to do that? Call your friends and tell them to bring manufacturing back to the US. I get a kick out of all those unemployed twenty somethings who stood in line to buy an overpriced cell phone from China and don’t see the irony.

The American worker is the gold standard of global productivity, and always has been. We built this country, not Bain Capital.

We built the rail lines, ship yards, highways, factories, schools, high rises, fought endless wars, and you have the balls to call us irresponsible and entitled?

We want to earn our own. And, we always did until you and your buddies shackled us to worthless money and shipped the jobs off to countries where you pay the workers two dollars a day. I love the argument that we have to manufacture elsewhere so that Americans can afford the end-product.

I would be more than willing to pay higher prices and higher taxes if everyone was employed at a decent wage.

Bain Capital bought companies with borrowed money, borrowed more money, looted the pension funds, took all the money off-shore, fired all of the workers, and bought Annie a pony; all while relying on a slew of crony created tax dodges to makes sure they don’t pay their fair share.

She has MS. So what? My mom had MS and a dead husband, two kids under the age of eight, and no money.

My mom spent months flat on her back in a hospital bed. And, when she was in remissions she felled trees for firewood, planted corn, and shot pheasants, partridges, and ducks. Nobody gave her a pony, but people did give us their old clothes and shoes. We got buy on Social Security. I was born into the 47 percent. We were poor at a time when almost everyone else was doing fine.

It was humiliating then; now I’m thinking about getting a 47 percenter tattoo.

Your obvious contempt for poor people is offensive to me.

So, listen up Mittsta. When you talk trash about my momma, it makes me forget that I am a pacifist. Next time you are down here in La Jolla, why don’t we get a cup of coffee and you can let an OG 47 percenter break it down for you. You’ll actually get to speak with a real person. You would come away most enlightened.

But, I’m betting you are just another blow hard, gas bag who is all pontification and no testicularization. You are the one who likes to make big bets. Monetarily, I am a poor man, but I like to make bold bets myself so I’m betting you don’t come. You show up and I’ll donate a thousand dollars to The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America in the name of your wife and my mom.

We both know the truth. You figure if you throw 47% of a divided nation under the bus, you can be President of the 53%. You understand that in order to become President, you will need to get more than half the vote.

People who have been harmed by bankstas are not likely to vote for you, and you know that.

This isn’t about our priorities, it’s about getting elected. Like you said, you won’t get their vote anyway, but neither will you get the votes of smart people, seniors, people with chronic illnesses, and even those who don’t want to vote for Obama, but are afraid to vote for you.

It doesn’t feel like you are running your own campaign, it is more like you are heading the Committee to Re-elect Barack Obama.

It is more divide and conquer leadership

Your wealth cuts you off completely from any contact with the 47%; you have no idea who they are. But, everyone else knows and loves a 47 percenter. There are a lot of them. I know a lot of people who are retired or who make so little money they don’t meet the threshold. I know a lot of former business owners who are just doing whatever they can to get buy. I know a lot of people who once had a good job and lost it to the Ponzi scheme.

These aren’t just a bunch of leaches gaming the system as you would like to project. Many of them are employed and making substantially less than they were ten years ago. How did that happen, Mittsta? Any ideas on that?

It’s called Vulture Capitalism, isn’t it? What was your nickname? “The Terminator”?

To you, the 47% are not only expendable; they are the ones who stand between you and your ambition. One has to wonder what will become of them should you succeed on behalf of the new world order.


3 Responses to “George Mantor | The 47% and Those Who Love Them Anyway”
  1. bobbi swann says:

    I agree with you Katheryn. I am a registered Republican. Never been so discouraged about a campaign before in all of my 60 years. You statement “all the politicians are cut from the same cookie cutter’…so you think Obama is a better choice when knowing that he supports Agenda 21? And if you don’t know then google Agenda 21….this election is not even about different platforms between two different parties…it’s about which of the two evils will be at the helm!

  2. stripes says:

    Face it George, we are on the precipice of fraudulently induced hell for eternity if we don’t vote out this tyranny. People may not know if they Bk their medical Dr. their Dr. can refuse you medical care. Division is the devils work and so far he is winning. Many don’t believe such evil exists in the real world. People are brainwashed and are therefore, too willing to accept fraud to fix fraud. That will fraudulently induce complete communism and no one will want to live under that when they finally wake up & realize what they accepted in exchange for fraud is totalitarianism. Most of the 47% feel they are too old to fight. Gee thanks.

  3. katheryn says:

    To Mr. have a standing ovation from me 🙂 Mittsta will get pummeled October 16th. I dislike all politicians but I have a feeling this is going to be quite a humiliating experience for the Mittsta. He is not anywhere near the intellectual match to Obama. With that said, it almost seems like Romney is trying to throw the race to the Dems. Maybe his billions are not enough and he’s being paid off to lose. Unfortunately, all the politicians are cut from the same cookie cutter.

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