$300 Million | Pam Bondi – “There is no time line for distribution of the (foreclosure settlement) funds”

9 Investigates millions meant for struggling homeowners

Florida was awarded millions this spring as part of a nationwide settlement, against five big mortgage lenders, but investigative reporter George Spencer found there is still no telling when homeowners could get the payback.



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  1. bobbi swann says:

    You all Floridians are surprised???? Really??? Bondi is a joke, the settlement is a joke and it’s no joke that there will be zero Floridians get any monetary settlement!

  2. Vince Faulkner says:

    The reporter and I spoke for over an hour on the day of the interview but unfortunately he has to put the whole thing together in 75 seconds. The reason I contacted Mr. Spencer was because since May I have e-mailed Bondi’s office asking about the 300 million and not once did I get an answer. My plan is to continue to ask about the money until an answer is given and everyone on this site from Florida should do the same. Ms. Bondi may not have a timeline but anyone working through a foreclosure situation certainly does. Too bad we can’t attach a 24 hour Notice To Vacate letter to the AG’s office door.

  3. Diane Wilson says:

    “ Substantial harm to consumers can result from unscrupulous or incompetent people engaging in mortgage relief services. Consumers who contract for mortgage relief services are already in a state of distress from the prospect of losing their home, which is likely not only their largest asset but also has sentimental and emotional ties, and can fall victim to promises of help”.

    In reference to this notice I would like to report that the Office of the Florida Attorney General does not comply with these considerations in her response to the needs of homeowner’s seeking relief from the Foreclosure Crises. The following is a brief explanation for my concerns.

    On September 9th and 10th representatives from the Attorney Generals office spoke at a Housing Coalition conference on behalf of the Attorney General and addressed questions regarding the National Mortgage Settlement.
    When asked what was being done for consumers with the funds the answer was “currently nothing”. When asked when something would be done for the consumers there was no definitive answer. When asked about accountability in this matter the answer was “there is none”. When asked if funds would be provided to assist counselors who are currently under assisted and overwhelmed in giving guidance to homeowner’s in this crises, the answer was no.
    The National Mortgage Settlement Fund is a settlement implemented as a response to violations made against consumers in the Foreclosure Crises. Attorney General Pam Bondi agreed to and signed The National Mortgage Settlement under the guise of protecting and serving consumers in her state for violations made against the consumer.
    Attorney General Pam Bondi ignores her responsibility to the consumer in her state while reaping the rewards bestowed upon her in this settlement for the consumer, to the consumer, for crimes made against the consumer. She has shown no effort to assist or direct allocated funds to the consumer.
    Attorney General Pam Bondi argued that Florida was the one of the Hardest Hit states in the Foreclosure Crises and was therefore awarded for her state, one of the largest settlements in history to assist Florida Consumers who were Hardest Hit in this Foreclosure Crises. Attorney General Bondi has ignored her obligation and responsibility to the consumer in the National Mortgage Settlement.

  4. Poof says:

    The politicians have a huge windfall,they are just trying to figure out how to keep it. after all a shrinking tax base endangers their state pensions & benefit package! The politicians should never have had anything to do with this settlement,this money will end up in their pockets somehow watch & see!

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