Homeowner Faces Felony Charge for Pointing Shotgun at Bank Employee Photographing Home As Part Of Monthly Inspection

Solsberry Man To Face Jury After Pointing Gun At Bank Employee

(BLOOMFIELD) – A March 2013 jury trial date has been set for David Council Jr., of Solsberry, who is accused of pointing a loaded .12 gauge shotgun at a bank employee who was on his property on Washboard Road taking photographs as part of the foreclosure process.

Nick Schneider of the Greene County Daily World reports that Council is charged with pointing a firearm at another person, a Class D felony.

According to a probable cause affidavit Greene County Sheriff’s Deputy Leon Dunigan arrived at Council’s home on Sept. 20, and saw him standing at the driveway holding a loaded Saiga .12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun at waist level.

The deputy ordered Council to place the gun on the ground. Dunigan says there was on shotgun round in the chamber and four more in the magazine.

Council’s wife, Barbara, told police that the U.S. Bank employee Richard Haynes had identified himself as a bank employee and gave her a red card that contained telephone numbers to call to verify his assignment.

Haynes was there taking photos as part of a monthly inspection, part of the foreclosure action.

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6 Responses to “Homeowner Faces Felony Charge for Pointing Shotgun at Bank Employee Photographing Home As Part Of Monthly Inspection”
  1. bobbi swann says:

    Really, are you kidding me? It’s against the law there to “point” a gun at somebody? What the hell do you do when someone tries to rob you, break in your house or otherwise? Don’t you FIRST have to raise the gun and point? Absurd. And it’s a felony to top it off? Who in the hell would allow such a law to be passed? Are they all just cookoo up there in Indiana and never go to the polls? No wonder this country is in such deep shit!

  2. Tee says:

    Thats Bull !!! Trespassing is any unwanted person on your property !!! Thats the LAW !!! I researched it…Police have to act on the homeowners behalf. These people just Drive right in and walk around like they own the place already, and its very intimidating. I had same experience and I thought about showing a shotgun myself!!! How do I know who they are? I had a lawyer jump on the town police and the entity that was taking pictures and the Bank…..havent seen them since. They came three times and the local police when called said that they couldnt press charges because they didnt see them…the second time I blocked them in with my tractor and called the police…the police called me back and told me I could be sited for kidnapping ???????(Keystone Cops) the third time they
    parked in the street and the cops told them the property was off limits unless they had my permission…nuttin like a good lawyer…..so I said NOOOOO GTF outa here !!!!

  3. Sarah says:

    Invite them in for coffee or chat about football. Be an ambassador of goodwill to the employees, since they too are victims.

    • stripes says:

      Oh hell no they are not victims…..! One of these jerks threatened my teenage daughter with bodily harm when she told them to get out of here. We are the victims. They are not victims. They are immoral in every sense of the word. You couldn’t pay me enough to do this to people. There have been 20 million fraudclosures to date. No one with any common sense would believe the banks did nothing wrong. If these people were that stupid they would be unemployable.

      • J. Alonzo says:

        Correct! The problem is most folks are Sheeple and let them on the property and put up with all the bank fraud and abuse. Our police and courts turn a blind eye when banks comitt fraud. That being said, fight fire with fire! Use the law to your advantage. Be prepared. Have your cell phone ready to film at all times and when it happens you film them and ask them to get off your property. If they refuse you call the cops. Show them the film. If they try and break in yiour home as many have, protect yourself and property according to the law and call the cops.

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