Wells Fargo Boosts Lobbying Presence

Wells Fargo boosts lobbying presence

The bank registered more than 150 lobbyists in 31 state capitals in 2012

Wells Fargo has built up a significant lobbying presence in state capitals to manage the torrent of mortgage-related bills flooding legislatures.

Five years ago, the San Francisco bank reported a limited state lobbying presence focused on the West Coast and Iowa. After becoming a national bank, Wells Fargo now has lobbyists bending state legislators’ ears everywhere from Denver to Baton Rouge, La.

It has built its East Coast lobbying presence beyond that of Wachovia, the Charlotte bank Wells acquired in 2008. The bank also has spent more money on lobbying in states including California and Minnesota, courted city mayors, and sought more government business.

The bank registered more than 150 lobbyists in 31 state capitals in 2012, according to an Observer review of state lobbyist registration rolls. That’s an increase from the 47 in 10 states it had five years ago – or 60 in 14 states if you add in Wachovia’s lobbyists.

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3 Responses to “Wells Fargo Boosts Lobbying Presence”
  1. Trona says:

    I filed a discrimination complaint against them calling my so called “rep” everyday for over three weeks with no response… when I quit calling they responded to the complaint and stated they were unable to make contact with me….nothing but liars and cheats!! Not interested in anything but keeping govenment funds for themselves…and now wonderful President Obama wants to give them more to help with the foreclosure crisis… they are not helping the homeowners they are lining their own pockets!! Get REAL America… I have been trying to get a modification for Three years!!

  2. TheHutMaster says:

    PHUCK Wells Fargo, I will NOT rest until their scumbag asses are safely in jail!

    Just ask the criminal scumbag, Jonny boy here…. john.g.stumpf@wellsfargo.com

    He is such a lier, he had to sneak in his board meeting, through the back door. Fitting, as he passed the dumpster in doing so. I wish I was there to drop his scumbag ass in said dumpster.

    “Fight The Good Fight”
    Every Minute, Every Day.

  3. Lynn says:

    I just hate this bank so much. I have been fighting with them for 5 years. They never give up trying to make life miserable

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