The Bears Explain How The Rich Get Richer

An explanation of the growing disparity between the poor and the rich in America.


2 Responses to “The Bears Explain How The Rich Get Richer”
  1. goi says:

    what a STUPID VIDEO…. This guy has made MORE JOBS and created GOOD ECONOMY than the IDIOT who MADE THIS VIDEO…. Go back and take a “economics 101′ at your local college…. and GET A F>>>>G CLUE…!!!!!!!!

    • neidermeyer says:

      If you’re talking about Buffet you’re 100% wrong , He is a vampire , always has been … buying up companies in financial distress BECA– USE of the inheritance taxes owed .. That’s his long term game plan … It is also true that he bought up bank stocks in 2008 and talked incessantly on TV about the need for continued “support” (supporting him) and don’t forget how he was called in by Obama himself to buy BAC at a huge discount with newly minted preferred shares that in a BK have priority over actual bondholders… THE RULES ARE DIFFERENT FOR THE RICH …

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