Bank of America Mortgage Modification Saves Homeowner $1.61 a Month! (VIDEO)

“It has to be a Halloween joke. They have got to be kidding. $1.61?” Smith said. “I mean they wasted more on postage and FedEx than what I am getting as a reduction.”

Yes, only $1.61.


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  1. Cheryl Stepnioski says:

    Notice in all 3 Debates never was The Mortgage Crisis ever Discussed

  2. Cheryl Stepnioski says:

    Bank Of America Is Not only Stealing Homes They Are making A Mockery Of The American People and Their Plight…What A Slap In The Face. And The Government Just Keeps On Letting Them….

    • They are the government. A custoomer and friend of mine was not behind on their mortgage but could see the writing on the wall, same exact as me, due to our businesses are down significantly in our incomes due to the bank and government being in bed with each other causing the fnancial crisis. She was given a six dollar reduction, mine was 1200.00. She refused it and was told that the bank chase would only exceot the ammount as payment they had approved, the six dollars less. After nine months of paying out six dollars less, the bank wrote her like they did me and told us we were now unapproved, though we had done everything the bank had told us to do. Both of us were told since you are unapproved we now consider the mod payments partial payments therefore you are in default and foreclosure. So Chase purposely drug us into foreloure. The HAMP plan was not only used to foan the runway for the banks it was used to litterally drag us into foreclosure.

    • Remember for every 1.61 or 6.00 sacrifce the bankster fraudcloser makes they get credit for their requirements on the 25 billion dollar settlement that let them off the hook. They are not stupid ya know. They are genious phscopathic financiers that beleive we should be allowed to suffer due to their risk to gain power and greed. This is part of life. The risk we take to be here on earth their servants. Dont bite the horses mouth that hand us the crumbs and taketh our homes property and wealth away. We should be grateful to these vultures. Romney and friends and Obama and friends. And most of the AG’s but thank god above not all the AG’s.

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