PBS NEWSHOUR | Sheila Bair Takes on Tim Geithner, Gets Tough on Wall Street

Throughout the height of the financial crisis in 2008 and afterward, Sheila Bair was known for being an outspoken regulator willing to confront her peers head-on. Her new book “Bull by the Horns” is an insider account of that turbulent time.Here’s more of Judy Woodruff’s conversation with Bair about Geithner, the Dodd-Frank law and what President Obama or a President Romney should do if elected.

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2 Responses to “PBS NEWSHOUR | Sheila Bair Takes on Tim Geithner, Gets Tough on Wall Street”
  1. Sarah says:

    DC is a well oiled factory that produces distraction. Bair could be a superhero and default in BOA’s face, sending her own living quarters into foreclosure. As it is, a book maintains posterity, and looking back in criticism is acceptable parlance among the royals. Also, Bair might do the serfs a favor by tearing Erksine Bowles a new one, since this miserable wretch is currently on the tee as a replacement for he who currently warrants her scornful affection. As the DC elites cavort and plot amongst themselves, we have the choice of ignoring them and trying to improve things, since they are completely incapable of doing so. They aren’t giving you any choice this election, it was the same with your houses and frequently your jobs.

  2. Jason Werner says:

    Sheila Bair led a false lawsuit against me …

    … in which her Corporation and member “banks” lied in court

    … in which she is now admitting her member banks (“institutions”) had “liquidity problems” (arguably caused by fraud)

    … in which her Corporation’s and her attorneys refused to produce documents and ignored discovery in court

    yet she is blaming this all on politics and “too big to fail”

    NO EXC– USE for FDIC to commit crimes with and through their member banks and attorneys

    Why have we not heard a peep of FDIC making criminal referrals to law enforcement of the banks committing serious crimes.

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